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Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest

Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse ContestThis America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest and post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

My kids get sick a few times per year. It seems that no matter what we do, we never really can prevent it. We do all of the things we are supposed to do but it always happens and they mostly get sick in the winter. Many times I don't even know they aren't feeling well until we get a call from the school nurse.

Our school nurse, Miss Dickie, is one of the nicest, most caring and capable nurses we know. She takes such great care of my kids whenever they have to visit her and this gives me such peace of mind. All three of my kids have visited her many times during their school careers and they always get the same level of care.

She was someone who was truly born to be a nurse. I have never seen her without a smile on her face and the kids love her just as much as the parents do.

Does your school have a great nurse? Is there someone who takes care of your children and you know that they are always in good hands? Now is your chance to enter them into the America’s Greatest School Nurse contest.

Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse ContestAmerica’s Greatest School Nurse contest

The America’s Greatest School Nurse contest recognizes school nurses nationwide who go above and beyond in educating and comforting their students. Nominations will be accepted nationwide from anyone who would like to honor their exemplary school nurse.

For more information, full contest rules and to submit a nomination, visit the America's Greatest School Nurse websiteNominations will be accepted from now until February 23.

One nurse from each state plus Washington D.C. will win a prize valued at $500 and will be entered to win the grand prize: the title of America’s Greatest School Nurse and a trip for a summer getaway.

Voting for the selected finalists to win the grand prize will be open from April 3 to April 16 and the winners will be announced in early May.

Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse ContestWhat we grab when Sick Gets Real

Even with such a great nurse like Miss Dickie, my kids still get sick no matter how much I try to prevent it. Being prepared is important and I promised myself that when I became a mother, I would keep things on hand rather than running out to the store once we are sick. It is such a relief to know that when I am prepared, there are solutions to relieve fevers, coughs, and cold symptoms.

When sick gets real, the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare are there with three solutions – Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin® and Children’s Dimetapp® – to tackle all of those icky symptoms. They help get your sick kids back to feeling and playing like kids – just as they do in our home.

Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest

Children’s Advil® Suspension – Reduces a child’s fever fast, while also relieving aches and pains. Comes in several great-tasting flavors, including: Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. (for children 2-11)

Children's Robitussin® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief controls and relieves cough all-day or all-night in grape or orange flavor (for children 4+)

Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free has congestion-fighting power to relieve stuffy and runny noses plus quiets those bothersome coughs. Kids will get relief for itchy and watery eyes, all in a great tasting, dye-free grape flavor. (For children 6+)

Enter America’s Greatest School Nurse ContestSick Just Got Real.™

No matter what you do, sick happens and our kids will get sick no matter how much we do to prevent it. Visit the Sick just got real.™ Facebook Page to learn about the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare offering three solutions: Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp® – that will help tackle the ickiest symptoms.

This America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest and post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

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  1. I think this is wonderful! Our school nurses never get the recognition that they deserve for keeping our kiddos feeling their best.

  2. Love this! My kids have a school nurse who is totally amazing. The kids love her like she’s the entire school’s aunt or something. School nurses are invaluable.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    A good school nurse can be so important for kids. I be there will be a lot of entries for this contest.

  4. School nurses are definitely superheroes! Ours is amazing and even allows parents to email her throughout the day with any questions or concerns.

  5. What a great contest! I think school nurses are a bit of an unsung hero. They are just awesome and deserve recognition.

  6. Kelly

    We don’t have school nurses here but I wish we did. These nurses deserve the recognition, such an awesome program.

  7. I’m glad some exceptional school nurses will be recognized! I definitely agree that it’s a good idea to stock up on remedies for the kids!

  8. Kristi

    What a great person to give some recognition to, the school nurse who is always going above and beyond but rarely gets noticed. Great idea!

  9. I wish this Greatest School Nurse contest would be an annual event. The school nurses receive so little recognition for the huge responsibility they have to face everyday. I will look and see if I can nominate my granddaughter’s pre-school nurse. She’s such a sweetheart and very good with the kids. Oh, and yes, she has Pfizer products in the infirmary.

  10. Dogvills

    school nurses deserves to be recognize!! they are there for your child whenever they feel sick and you are away from their school! great article

  11. This is a great way to show our gratitude to our lovely nurses! My son’s school has a very friendly nurse. 😀

  12. This is a wonderful idea. School nurses keep our children feeling well when they come down with whatever it is they’ve come down with. They don’t get nearly enough recognition.

  13. Children getting sick are always a challenge.
    My sister-in-law has four little boys and she just got through two waves of bug.

  14. What a great contest!! It really is amazing how much of a role a school nurse can play in our kids lives while they are at school!

  15. This is so awesome! I think all schools should have a nurse and a lot of injuries or illnesses happen at school.

  16. We need more school nurses. My son has broken his arm twice and both times the school nurse was traveling to another school in the district.

  17. What a great and fun way to recognize one of the most hard working people in our community. School nurses definitely deserves this.

  18. Claudia Krusch

    We have a fantastic School Nurse. This is a great contest. It is important to let the Nurses in your life know how much you appreciate them.

  19. brianne

    I love this campaign so much! My childrens school nurse is amazing. I am going to enter her! 

  20. My Teen Guide

    never heard about school nurse contest! i will vote my child’s school nurse, she’s very friendly and knows a lot about medicals!

  21. Our school is so small that we do not have a nurse but I like this contest anyway. A lot of people my family are nurses and I think that they are way undervalued.

  22. I think school nurses deserve more recognition, this is fantastic! I had a couple good nurses when I was in school.

  23. Mary Edwards

    I think all school nurses should be recognized. They go above and beyond with our kiddos. Many are moms/dads themselves, so they are nurses 24 hours a day.

  24. School nurses are so important. It makes me sad that some schools have to share a nurse these days due to budgeting. They are often the unsung heros who make boo-boos feel better, give you a place to come chill on a horrible day and your tummy hurts, or giving you medication on occasion. We are just getting to know the nurse at my oldest son’s school. He started having joint pains after having a bout of strep last summer. So for now, I have informed her and the counselor of my son’s condition even though we don’t have a definitive diagnosis yet. The nurse has a bottle of motrin in her office for my son to take as needed.

  25. I think it’s great to have this contest, nurses help others all the time as that is what their job description is, wouldn’t it be nice to give back to them and show them a bit of appreciation?! thanks for sharing this…

  26. Shauna

    We love our school nurse. She is always available to help the kids when they are feeling a bit off, to when they are straight up ill or even when they just need a hug.

  27. Jeni Hawkins

    This is so awesome! I dont think school nurses get enough credit.

  28. What a great contest. School nurses and nurses, in general, don’t get recognized enough for all the work they do.

  29. Jeanine

    This is pretty awesome. School nurses are seriously amazing as well as nurses else where. I think this is amazing!

  30. What a great way to recognize school nurses!! I know that there are many good ones out there that deserve this! 

  31. Amy Desrosiers

    When I was a kid I loved visiting the school nurse. I miss them days of being well taken care of.

  32. This sounds like a great contest! Nurses are so important and deserve to be recognized.

  33. Kathy

    This sounds like such a great contest. I know some great nurses at the school. There are still some there that were there when I was younger too.

  34. Claudia Krusch

    We have a fantastic school Nurse. I will have to nominate her for this contest. It is a great way to say thank you.

  35. Ann Bacciaglia

    My friend is a school nurse at the local College. She has told me it can be a challenging job. This is a great contest.

  36. This is awesome! It is great that they have campaigns like this that honor to nurses. Thanks for the recommendations too!

  37. This is a great way to support those amazing school nurses! I will always support something like this. Great contest!

  38. I remember when I was younger, the school nurse was amazing. Like a second mom. My son’s school now doesn’t even have a school nurse.

  39. Gabriel

    I don’t think our school even has a nurse. Another victim of the budget cut.

  40. Maria Han

    This is so amazing, and I think I should have a stock of this in our house, when my kids are sick it’s so challenging for me.

  41. This is so awesome! School nurses need to recognized for their awesomeness. I always stay stocked up in the winter for the kids.

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