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Enfant™ Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), vision disorders are the fourth most common disability among children in the United States, yet many vision problems can take years to detect, making treatment more difficult as vital time passes.

MomSelect recently introduced me to an innovative and non-invasive vision test designed for children as young as six months. The Enfant™ Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System is a child-friendly medical device that tests for visual deficits, including amblyopia, optic nerve disorders, and refractive errors, in pre-verbal children. The Enfant system is the first and only pediatric vision test of its kind.

This procedure is receiving rave reviews from Moms everywhere, and luckily there are physicians in YOUR area utilizing the Enfant™ Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System. The cutting-edge testing takes less than 7 minutes and doesn't require any sedation or dilation. Click here to find a physician's office near you.

Before you call and make an appointment, learn about the subtle warning signs of vision problems in young children by taking this interactive online vision assessment quiz, created by Diopsys, Inc., the developer of Enfant. The physician-reviewed, informational quiz, which takes only a few minutes to complete, is comprised of multiple-choice questions covering several areas that can “red flag” signs of a potential vision problem in children of various ages, including such actions as the inability to make steady eye contact, or involuntarily covering one eye to see something better.

Visit www.freevisionquiz.com to take the quiz now!

Enfant Vision Testing Child Infant

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