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DIY Love Gift Tag

DIY Love Gift Tag 1

DIY Love Gift Tag

Sometimes in life you need to go beyond what you can buy in the store to express how you feel about your partner in life. To me, this means adding something personal; something home made. This DIY Valentines Day gift tag looks great and adds a little something special to any gift you give to your loved one. This custom gift tag is a way to add a personal touch that literally says handmade with love. It says I took the time to make you something from the heart. We hope that you love this DIY Love Gift Tag craft.

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DIY Love Gift Tag


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  1. Begin by tracing the lid ring onto a piece of felt. This will be the background of your tag so choose your color accordingly (we went with a red).
  2. Cut the felt circle about 1/2 inch larger than what you traced. Add  some hot glue to the inside of the ring and pressing the felt into place. Trim off any excess felt if necessary.
  3. Using your other colors of felt, start snipping out assorted hearts. You can do any color combo you wish.
  4. Glue the hearts to the ring felt. Hold in place until secure.
  5. Add some hot glue to the back of the wood tiles and assemble them to say LOVE. Allow to dry.
  6. You can now add some ribbon or twine for hanging. Just add some glue and apply to the back of the ring.

DIY Love Gift Tag 4

We hope that you are inspired by this DIY Love Gift Tag, and we hope you have a wonderful day with your special someone. If you need a little inspiration for a gift, check out our Valentine's Day Strawberry OREO Bark. Until next time,  Happy crafting!

DIY Love Gift Tag 5



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