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Easy Upcycled Picture Frame

Easy Upcycled Picture FrameDo you love turning trash into treasure? This easy upcycled picture frame is the perfect example of exactly that! Using an old thrift store picture frame, you can make a miniature work of art. Take a look at how you can craft your own using a few common supplies. It is easier than you may think and the results of fabulous. Take a look!



Thrift store frame

Scrapbook paper

Old key or embellishment key (found for $1 at Michael’s craft stores)

Spray paint

Hot glue, glue gun

We were able to find this frame for just $1 at our local thrift shop. Look for something with nice details and that is nice and solid. You will be removing the glass, so glass condition does not matter. As for the scrapbook paper and paint, choose something that reflects your tastes and preferences. We opted for some fun and cheery spring colors!

Easy Upcycled Picture Frame 1DIRECTIONS:

1. Begin by taking your frame apart and laying it flat on some newspaper.

2. Apply two coats of spray paint allowing plenty of drying time in between each coat.

3. Once the frame is dry, cut your scrapbook paper to fit it. Add a little glue to the back and press it to the backing of the frame. Re-assemble the frame.

4. Add a generous amount of glue to the back of the key. Press it firmly to the scrapbook paper until it has adhered well.

Your upcycled picture frame is now complete. Hang it as you would any other piece of wall art. You can create several of these if you wish and display them in a cluster for a real visual impact, or just allow one to shine solo in a small space such as an office or bathroom.

Gather your supplies and give this simple upcyle craft a try.

Easy Upcycled Picture Frame 2

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  1. So simple and so awesome! That is a super cute idea which WILL be happening here.

  2. That’s a great way to make frames fit more into the decor in your room for small money.

  3. OH MY.. i love that!! I need to start doing more upcycling with stuff I have.

  4. Really cute! I love the spray paint color, too!

  5. I love LOVE that color so much! And we’ve spray-painted a lot of stuff over the years to give it a makeover, I’d love to try this craft with a sweet frame like this!

  6. This is so pretty! It would make such a cute gift.

  7. What a neat way to upcycle and old picture frame. I love the key!

  8. Tammy S

    What a great idea! My daughter is obsessed with keys of all types. This would be the perfect project for her. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Melissa S

    Cute idea, and you could use a whole slew of found items in place of the key. I do love the key though.

  10. Kerri

    What a great frame! This would match my decor!

  11. That is so pretty. What a great upcycle project.

  12. Oh how gorgeous!!! Seems pretty easy as well, which I can handle.

  13. nicole dz

    What a cute simple idea, would be great for a gift to. I love these DIY’s. Saves money! I love the color on this.

  14. Anna Pry

    this would look nice in a tween girl’s room

  15. I LOVE that! I have a thing for keys so this is something I’d totally make.

  16. This is so cute and looks easy enough for a craft challenged person like me LOL.

  17. I love this! I am pinning. I have seen this type of thing done and I love the possibilities. I bought some spray paint the other day for some blocks I have and I have been itching to dig it out and start!

  18. Super cute! Love the “handles” on the frame!

  19. bianca roman

    This is such a cute idea for kids to make or for adults to make for presents! You wouldn’t think the supplies list would cost so little!

  20. Jen Bigerton

    This is so cute I am definitely going to have to give it a try.

  21. Adriane

    I love trash into treasure projects! Well done!

  22. ALPA

    i love the idea of making frames. if i buy from a photoshop its so expensive where as i can make the same fame at home with a minimum of products.

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