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Moonshine BBQ Menu from Outback

Outback Moonshine BBQ Ribs
There comes a time in everyone's life when they get or seize the opportunity to try Moonshine. Oh wait is that just me?

I have to admit that when I visited the Outback HQ several weeks ago, Moonshine was the last thing that I expected to hear about. But honestly I was blown away by this amazing new menu.

Outback Moonshine BBQ Limited Time Offer Menu


Outback Steakhouse® is introducing a limited time only Moonshine BBQ menu, made with real moonshine. New menu items to hit the sauce include:

Sirloin with Moonshine BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Moonshine BBQ Ribs
Moonshine BBQ Wood-Fire Grilled Wings
Moonshine BBQ Chopped Salad

And what better way to finish off a Moonshine BBQ meal than with their new Skillet  Apple Pie? It was delicious as well!


Summer perfection…served up with seasonal berries, fruit juices, and the sweet flavor of Ole Smoky® Blackberry Moonshine or Georgia Moon Peach Moonshine. Try all three Moonshine cocktails including:

Huckleberry Hooch

Watermelon Hunch Punch

Just Peachee

Outback Moonshine BBQ Menu Free Wings


Outback is inviting America to get a FREE taste of Moonshine BBQ on May 21 & May 22. Visit your local Outback restaurant and say “Moonshine BBQ Wings” to your server to receive a  free ½ order of Moonshine BBQ Wood-Fire Grilled Wings, covered in our chef inspired  sauce, with the purchase of any adult entrée.

Outback Get Yer Moonshine On Moonshine Name


To spread the Moonshine spirit, Outback is making it easy to get yer ‘shine on with the Moonshine Name Generator at

And learn the secret to why the new Moonshine BBQ sauce is so dang good by visiting

Outback Steakhouse Logo


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Outback Best Mates

I am thrilled to be an Outback Best Mates ambassador. I have worked for and loved Outback since 1996. While I no longer work for the company, I still enjoy the steak and the cheese fries. And the mini chocolate shakes. Plus the Thunder from Down Under. A lot.

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38 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Oh my word! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. I see a trip to Outback to eat all of the BBQ in my near future.

  2. That sounds SO good. I love the Outback, but I haven’t been for a while…I need to fix that.

  3. oooh moonshine – a GA favorite. Too bad it’s so strong. Taking in the outback menu might be the only way I can enjoy it!

  4. Moonshine BBQ?! That sounds amazingly delicious. Looks like we will be heading to Outback real soon.

  5. I absolutely love the food at Outback. For the past three years I have spent my birthday dinner enjoying their delicious Bloomin’ Onion and Alice Springs Chicken! This BBQ sounds amazing, cannot wait to try myself.

  6. You had me at Outback! It’s my favorite restaurant. I can’t wait to try these new dishes.

  7. I love outback. All of those look amazing. I have a gift card that i received for christmas, i just might have to go on a date with my hubby!

  8. Good gosh, who knew moonshine could pretty somethin’ up just right like that?! Delicious!

  9. I bet the hubby would love this! I’m not a big BBQ fan, but if it’s done to his liking, he’d eat it for every meal.

  10. I love BBQ! I could eat it all day long.

  11. Goodness That looks so taty! I need it now…

  12. Yum, my husband would love the Moonshine BBQ wings! I will tell him about this!

  13. We love Outback. I would love to try those cocktails!

  14. I’d love to try a moonshine cocktail. What a cool new menu!

  15. Karen

    This new moonshine menu sounds delicious to me. I would totally try out that Huckleberry Hooch drink!

  16. All of those drinks sound amazing! I want to try the wings.

  17. Wow those look delicious! I can’t wait to try the new items!

  18. I have never heard of moonshine being used on food before. This sounds like an exciting idea.

  19. I have never been a huge rib girl. i do love Outback’s shrimp and the Queensland Salad- too bad they got rid of that one!

  20. veronica

    No meat for me! Although it looks really delicious for meat lovers

  21. I’m so intrigued by the moonshine dishes! I’ll have to remember to check them out!

  22. My husband loves Outback and so do his parents. It’s their fave chain restaurant hands down. I bet they’d all like the Moonshine Ribs.

  23. ribs are my favorite! we’ll have to take a visit to our Outback soon

  24. I LOVE Outback! I helped open one of their restaurants in Tennessee back in 2004, and worked as a hostess and to-go server. One of the drawbacks – eating way too many bloomin’ onions 🙂 These new Moonshine BBQ choices sound so delicious!

  25. All of those dishes look beyond amazing! I can’t say I’ve ever had moonshine food but I’d LOVE to give it a try! Plus I wouldn’t mind giving those moonshine hooches a try either 😉

  26. those wings look delish. And I love FREE, my fave price!

  27. Watermelon Hunch Punch and Sirloin with Moonshine BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp?!? Please and thank you! It sounds amazing!

  28. I made some Peach Pie Moonshine from actual back-woods hootch over Christmas, and it was amazing. My mouth just watered all over again looking at those cocktail recipes.

  29. I haven’t been to an Outback since I was really little. It looks like they have some great, new choices so we will have to check them out soon!

  30. Yuuuuum, I wish we had one of these near me! The ribs look to die for!

  31. I love Outback, but our closest store is not-so-close 🙁 This new menu looks delicious.

  32. I love Outback! It’s my husband’s request every year for Father’s Day.

  33. I’m seriously crushing on that salad. Seriously! This all looks too yummy!

  34. Sarah Elyce

    The pictures look delicious. I may have to stop in to Outback and try these.

  35. Sherrie C.

    YUM! Now I’m going to have to make the 50 trek to my nearest Outback just so I can get the Sirloin with Moonshine BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp & Ribs. Especially if it’s for a limited time only.

  36. Sarah L

    I’d love to try these when I go to Outback again. It’s been too long.

  37. saminder gumer

    this looks so delicious and great for summer time. i love bbq and bbq sauce so this is right up my alley.

  38. Robin Wilson

    I’d be thrilled to be an Outback Steakhouse ambassador’s assistant! Just let me know when I start. This new menu item is making my mouth drool. We love to go there, but sadly are on such a strict budget we haven’t had fast food or been out to eat in over a year. But it will be the first place we go when we can afford it! Yummy!

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