Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft
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Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft

Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft

Don’t you love turning trash into treasure? If you enjoy Starbucks bottled drinks, be sure to hang onto those bottles because you will want to give these adorable treat holders a try.

They are so easy, and all you need is a few pieces of scrap paper and glue and you are ready to roll. So grab a bottle, and take a look at how to give this easy DIY a try. We hope that you love this Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft.

I just love this time of year. It's really fun in the classroom because the kids are so excited for the holidays and to make things for their parents.

If you need colorful Christmas crafts for kids, want Christmas treat holders to make, handmade Christmas crafts for kids, Starbucks bottle crafts, Christmas crafts for kids to make, or even free Christmas craft ideas for kids, these crafts with Starbucks glass bottles are certain to fit the bill.


Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft



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Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft

Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft




    1. Begin by adding a coat of spray paint to the lid. Set aside to dry.
    2. Wrap a 2.5 inch-3 inch wide piece of red paper around the bottle so it meets end to end. Secure with glue. This will serve as Santa’s coat.
    3. Run a 1.5 inch wide piece of white from the top of the red paper to the bottom so it looks like Santa’s shirt under his coat. We used a textured piece but you don’t have to, you can use solid white.
    4. Wrap a second strip of paper around the entire bottle. This time the strip will be black and measure around 1 inch. This will be his belt. Secure with glue.
    5. Create a buckle by cutting a gray or silver square and attaching it to the front of the belt. You can make a second square of black that runs a tad smaller to look like the belt running through, or you can actually make slits and pull the original black strip through it. Secure with glue.
    6. Fill the jar now with treats. Place on the dry lid and embellish with ribbon.
    7. Take a piece of paper and cut a circle to fit the lid. You can use the lid as your stencil. Secure with glue to cover any wording that may be on the lid.


Now you have an adorable treat jar perfect for teachers, neighbors, or any friends who may stop by. And the best part? You made it for pennies. This is an easy christmas craft ideas for kids to make and it's crafts you can do with starbucks bottles which is really cool.

I love any chance to upcycle. Whether you need fun christmas crafts for kids, easy crafts for christmas kids or even simple christmas crafts for kids, these Starbucks coffee bottle crafts have you covered and can easily be modified to suit your own needs.

Give this simple DIY a try and see how easy it can be to make your own upcycled Starbucks treat bottles. We hope that you are inspired by this Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft. Happy crafting!




Starbucks Bottle Christmas Treat Holder Craft

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