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DRAFTMARK Tap System for Beer Aficionados


DRAFTMARK Tap System 6For beer aficionados, there is nothing quite like a beer fresh from the tap. Beer on tap provides the drinking experience the brewer intended, with a full, bold flavor unaffected by a long imprisonment of your favorite beverage inside a can or bottle, moving from brewer to distributor to store shelf. Although traditionally beer on tap was only available at the local bar, the Draftmark Tap System changes all of that. This innovative piece of beer storage science allows you to experience beer how the brewer intended, without requiring you to leave the house.

DRAFTMARK Tap System 2And while the DRAFTMARK Tap System is a complex piece of alcohol engineering, it is simple to use and enjoy. To experience what the gallon-sized tap system has to offer, you simply need to procure the DRAFTMARK system and a refill of your choice of brews — DRAFTMARK currently offers Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, Bass Ale, Goose Island India Pale Ale, Goose Island Honker’s Ale, and Michelob AmberBock. Next, insert the refill of your choice and put the DRAFTMARK unit into your refrigerator until the temperature reaches between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure your beer is at the ideal drinking temperature.

Next, grab a chilled glass and pull firmly on the tap lever to infuse a steady flow of air into the DRAFTMARK unit. This air gently pushes the beer out of the refill unit and into your glass. Due to DRAFTMARK's patented engineering, the air never actually touches your beer, so your beer is pushed directly into your glass without an extra infusion of air causing extraneous carbonation or foaming.

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While the DRAFTMARK home draft system is intended to emulate the experience of getting a refreshing beverage at the bar, the technology powering this home system is considerably simpler. First, the system is smaller and more manageable than a bar tap system, as it provides a gallon of beer and thus fits easily in any refrigerator. In addition, because the refills for the DRAFTMARK system have a spout that fits directly into the system's pouring mechanism, there is no need to worry about leaks throughout a complex system of lines. Additionally, the lack of lines makes the DRAFTMARK system easier to maintain, as there is very little cleaning or maintenance required to continue enjoying the system on a daily basis.

The patented DRAFTMARK system is a simplified version of the complex tap systems that drive the experience of drinking fresh draft beer at the bar. DRAFTMARK faithfully recreates the experience but with a compact design that eliminates the complexity and maintenance associated with full-sized tap setups.

DRAFTMARK Tap System Refill Packs

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