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DIY Valentine Owls



  • Used Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes if you have them (you can also make eyes from paper and markers)
  • Scissors
  • Glue, I used Modge Podge
  • Ribbon if you would like to hang

DIY Valentine Owls 1DIY Valentine Owls 2DIY Valentine Owls 3DIY Valentine Owls 4DIY Valentine Owls 5DIY Valentine Owls 6DIY Valentine Owls 7DIY Valentine Owls 10DIRECTIONS

  1. Cut Paper to the width of your toilet paper roll.
  2. Wrap paper around toilet paper roll and adhere.
  3. Fold sides in to enclose top of toilet paper roll.
  4. Add Googly Eyes with Adhesive.
  5. Cut beak shape out of construction paper and adhere.
  6. Cut heart shapes out of construction paper for wings and adhere to sides.
  7. Adhere ribbon to top to form a loop for hanging (optional).

DIY Valentine Owls 11 DIY Valentine Owls 8

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  1. ellen beck

    These are so darling and I like how things are repurposed. I think these would be also great to hold party favors if just changed up a bit. These are vert versitile.

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