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Trim the Budget, Trim the Table This Thanksgiving with Walmart Savings

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal can be extremely stressful – and expensive. I know this. I do it every year.

This year, Walmart can make your Thanksgiving meal shopping easier and affordable by helping you trim the table with family favorites while trimming your budget as well.

This year I challenged myself to really save money but get all of the items that we needed.I didn't want to compromise on quality of ingredients and I wanted to enhance my traditional family recipes.

I scoured the sales flyers and made my list. I needed two turkeys and enough food to feed 20 people. Although six of the 20 are kids, I still wanted to keep my costs low.

I matched coupons with several of the sale items and planned my vegetables around what was on sale. Thankfully, most of the things that I needed to purchase were on sale due to the upcoming holiday.

Meal List:

Two Turkeys



Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes



Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Fresh, Whipped Cream

Yeast Dinner Rolls

So are you wondering what I spent? I purchased all of the items above plus a few extra things that I needed. I was able to get my entire list, food for 20 people for less than $60. I used several coupons and saved over $28 with coupons. I am so proud of myself!!!

Walmart can help you can plan ahead and save money. You just need to do your homework by making a list and sticking to it plus matching coupons to sales. Doing this simple things will save you a lot of money and allow you to cook the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

DISCLOSURE: Walmart provided me with a gift card to help me check off items on my Thanksgiving shopping list and share my experience with my readers.

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