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Easter Gift Guide: Great Alternatives to Candy

This Easter, I am trying to steer clear of the candy laden gift baskets that are certain to produce that inevitable sugar high in my children. I am very pleased that I have found some excellent alternatives to candy that I know will last much longer for my children. There are some great choices out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

Who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head? I had one as a child and my kids have them in various characters as well. This year, Playskool has taken the potatoes a step further with the Mr. Potato Head Spring Easter Bunny Set.

These bunny slipper adorned Mr. Potato Head's come in pink and blue with eyes, ears, feet and so much more. My two year old is getting this in her Easter basket and I just know that she will be excited. They even make an entire Easter basket dedicated to a pink or a blue Mr. Potato Head. Hop on down the bunny trail and pick up these wacky spuds today!

Next, since my four going on 20 year old already thinks that she is Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, I could think of no better thing to get her than the FurReal Friends Teacup Pup. Now she can carry around her own doggy in a bag.  The dogs are poseable and comes with their own carrier plus an adoption certificate.  The genius designers at Hasbro have come up with so many types that you may want to get your children two or three.

The FurReal Friends Teacup Pup's are cute, they are cuddly and a great addition for my budding fashionista. All of this and no mess!!!

Now all we have to do is come up with some kitschy name. I am thinking…




Maybe now she will stop asking me for a puppy of her own. Ok, probably not!

Finally, how about a little old school rap meets tot rock? Sound good? You better believe it does! The sounds of Mee Wee remind me a little of my high school school days gone by but with a kiddie twist. Nothing keeps kids entertained longer on a road trip than some solid, quality entertainment. That is what you get with MeeWee Kid's Hip Hop.

Theses are some catchy tunes. In fact, I was in Target the other day and I suddenly found myself singing “I Can Be Anything.” And, I was doing it outloud. I had to look around to make certain that no one saw this crazy woman singing to herself. I just really love that these songs are filled with optimism, cooperation and other values that I love for my children to have. There are even cool characters!

Back to the trip. I popped the CD in about 10 miles away from Atlanta on our way to North Carolina. Out of the six kids in the car, ranging from two to nine, all six were dancing and singing in their seats. The album includes the following songs:

meewee_albumcover01. MeeWee Chant
MeeWee feat. Jabari
produced by Daniel Flannery

02. Us Bus
MeeWee feat. Gus the Bus Driver
produced by JoChris

03. I Can Be Anything
MeeWee feat. Divinity and Friends
produced by Divinity Roxx

04. Jumping Jacks —-MY FAVORITE!
MeeWee feat. Jabari and Baby Power
produced by Daniel Flannery

05. So Much Love to Give
MeeWee feat. Flutterby and DJ Mike
produced by Daniel Flannery and Michael Flannery

06. HipHop-O-Potamus —-THE KIDS FAVORITE!
MeeWee feat. Jabari and Baby Power
produced by Daniel Flannery

07. Planet Brooklyn
MeeWee feat. Jenny Guitara and Spinz
produced by JoChris

08. Sounds Like Music
MeeWee feat. Spark and Friends
produced by JoChris

09. Me and my Guitar
MeeWee feat. Jenny Guitara
produced by Adam Smirnoff

10. Kung Foo Kid
MeeWee feat. Kung Foo Kid
produced by Daniel Flannery

11. I Need a Hug
MeeWee feat. Cacky the Cactus
produced by Keith Middleton

12. Extra Cheese ——— Great for sleepy kids in the car!
MeeWee feat. MC CheddarMelt
produced by Daniel Flannery

13. Keyvo
MeeWee feat. Keyvo
produced by JoChris

14. Driftee McCloud
MeeWee feat. Driftee McCloud
produced by Daniel Flannery

MeeWee was developed by a former teacher and one of the producers of MTV’s Lyricist Lounge. Co-founder Danny Klein, a former teacher, now devotes his time to help kids express themselves through hip-hop in schools throughout the U.S. MeeWee Entertainment has been doing a great job of outreaching the album.While this is definitely not napping music, MeeWee Kid's Hip Hop gets the blood pumping and gives you great songs to sing. The music is inspiring AND fun.

Take a trip over to their website and listen to the lyrics. You can buy the album on Amazon. One listen and you will be hooked!

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