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DIY Santa Suit Ornament

DIY Santa Suit Ornament

This DIY Santa Suit Ornament is super cute! It is sparkly because of the shimmering ribbon on the inside and it is super adorable! This will make for a great ornament to hang on the tree this Christmas! You could possibly do a regular Santa Claus or just stick to a Santa Suit! A little bit easier to decorate! So let's get started!


-Clear Ornament
-Red Ribbon

DIY Santa Suit Ornament 2


1. First Remove the lid of the ornament
2. Insert a decent amount of your red ribbon into the ornament
3. Replace the lid
4. Draw a thick black line across the center of the Ornament using a black paint
5. Now, using a white paint or silver draw a square in the middle of your line in order to simulate a belt buckle
6. Allow drying time
7. Add a ribbon or hook and hang on your tree!

DIY Santa Suit Ornament 3

DIY Santa Suit Ornament 4


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