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DIY Serving Trays

DIY Serving Trays

I love nothing more than hosting a good party and decorating my home. Since the two are so intertwined, I often find myself shopping for multipurpose pieces that can be used in a variety of ways. There are times when shopping that I cannot find exactly what I want and when that happens, I look to DIY blogs and Pinterest for some inspiration. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect item so there are times when I need to make exactly what I want. I stock up on supplies, find the exact colors I want, and create a plan to create the perfect serving tray. We curated this amazing list of do-it-yourself serving trays that you don't even have to be that crafty to make. Although some do require a higher skill level, there is something for everyone. We hope that this DIY Serving Trays post inspires you. 

DIY Serving Trays

History of the Serving Tray

The humble serving tray boasts a surprisingly rich and varied history, dating back to antiquity and evolving alongside dining customs and social trends. 

  • Early Origins (7th-6th Century BCE): The earliest evidence of a tray-like object comes from Etruscan Black Earthenware, hinting at its existence even before written records. However, precise details remain shrouded in the mists of time.
  • The Rise of the “Salver” (17th Century): The term “salver” emerged in England around 1661, referring to a flat, silver tray often owned by wealthy households. These “salvers” signified prestige and safety, as a portion of the food served upon them would be tested for poison before reaching royalty.
  • Evolution of Shapes and Materials (18th-19th Centuries): By the 18th century, salvers adopted an oval shape and adorned themselves with elegant loop handles. The 19th century saw the rise of rectangular and oblong trays, fueled by the growing popularity of cafes and restaurants. Materials diversified beyond silver, including wood, brass, and ceramic.

Holiday Entertaining Must-Haves

  • The Rise of Casual Dining (20th Century): The 20th century witnessed a revolution in dining styles. The iconic TV tray emerged in 1952, transforming living rooms into casual dining spaces and perfectly complementing the rise of frozen dinners. Other innovations like collapsible tray tables and compartment trays catered to modern lifestyles.
  • Beyond Utility: Trays as Art and Expression: Serving trays transcended mere functionality, becoming canvases for artistic expression. Regions like Zhostovo in Russia developed unique traditions of hand-painted lacquered metal trays, while other cultures utilized wood carving, inlay, and other techniques to imbue them with cultural significance.
  • The Future of Trays: Today, serving trays continues to adapt to changing needs and tastes. Sustainable materials, space-saving designs, and multi-functional trays reflect modern priorities. Additionally, the resurgence of vintage styles and artisanal crafts ensures that the tray's story will continue to be written, one beautiful design at a time.

DIY Serving Trays

We hope that this DIY Serving Trays post inspires you. Happy DIYing!

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