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DIY Glass Snowman Ornament

DIY Glass Snowman Ornament
This DIY Snowman Ornament is super adorable and is VERY easy to make! It is great way to get crafty with the kids for the Holidays. Allows the family to spend a great deal of time together! It only takes a couple minutes to make and you can make a ton! Your ornament will look adorable hanging on the tree!
These ornaments would also look great as present tags as they can easily be customized with a name.

DIY Glass Snowman Ornament


  • Clear ornament
  • Paint
  • Paper

DIY Glass Snowman Ornament


  1. First, cut your paper into strips and start folding them back and forth in order to form a crinkled strip of paper!
  2. Once you've crinkled them all, remove the top of the ornament and start inserting them into the top!
  3. Replace lid
  4. Now, simply start painting! For this ornament in particular I personally just put eyes, a mouth, rosy cheeks, and of course a carrot nose!
  5. Allow to dry!
  6. Add a ribbon or hook if you desire!
  7. Hang on your tree!

DIY Glass Snowman Ornament

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  1. Austin Baroudi

    This looks really cool. My daughter would have so much fun making this, I think. Thanks for the post.

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