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Another Lesson Learned Curb Your Enthusiasm Style

I often find myself arguing with my husband. It is not a serious fight or anything rather he simply seems to take a position that is the opposite of mine.

“In “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David finds himself arguing with friends, business associates and complete strangers due do his obstinate beliefs in what's right vs. wrong. For example, in one episode Larry refuses to tip a waiter because gratuity was already included in the bill.  When the waiter points out the absurdity of his refusal to simply add an extra 2%, Larry states that he is not tipping extra because he's “protesting math.”  In situations like these it becomes apparent that Larry is arguing simply for the sake of arguing.”

This is definitely my husband as well and as a result, I am often in the position of arguing for the sake of arguing. We spent about 30 minutes arguing about how macaroni and cheese is not a meal. I say it is a side dish and I am not happy when my kids try to order only that in a restaurant. I always make them order some sort of meal that I like and this includes some chicken, fish or beef.

My husband carried on for almost 30 minutes with citing the pros of mac & cheese as a meal. I finally just said “whatever” and “we need to agree to disagree.” His answer?

“Oh I agree with you completely! I was just playing devil's advocate.”


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  1. stacy h

    i shake my fist at devil’s advocate husband!! bah! LOL
    totally agree with you on the mac/cheese, thing, too ;0)

  2. ellen

    I will play the devils advocate here and say mac&cheese IS a meal . I love the stuff, and it has cheese which is dairy and a protein. BTW, love that show! 🙂

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