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Thinking Beyond Reality Television

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Sex Box

I am an avid television watcher. I will watch pretty much any show at least once to see if I like it and if it is compelling enough to keep watching.

Have you ever watched any Japanese reality television? They have some super crazy shows that are just huge hits over there. I mean insanely popular shows. During the first 10 minutes of Sex Box I immediately felt that this show would be popular in Japan because it has that same format. In fact, when I went looking online for reviews after I saw the show, I found that there were many reviewers who thought the same thing: that they were watching Japanese reality television.


Sex Box is a groundbreaking, unprecedented and life-changing way for couples in crisis to heal their sexual and emotional issues. Each week three couples from a wide variety of backgrounds bring their pressing concerns to our expert therapists with hopes of repairing their troubled relationships.

The Sex Box experts are Dr. Chris Donaghue who is a Sexologist and Clinical Psychotherapist, Dr. Fran Walfish is a Relationship Psychotherapist and Dr. Yvonne Capehart is a Pastor and Couples Counselor. All experts offer advice and suggestions for couples that are designed to change their lives. The theory behind the Sex Box is based on a revolutionary, scientifically proven concept: In the first 15 minutes after intimacy, the body is flooded with oxytocin and endorphins enabling people to really open up and reveal the root of their problems.

The chosen couples have sex on stage in front of live studio audience in a specially designed chamber, but please know that there is nothing to see. This isn't a sex show, the couples enter the Sex Box to reconnect with each other and try to work through some of the issues they brought on the show. The actual Sex Box where couples enter is private, camera free and sound proof. Couples can then focus on one another and heir needs with no outside distractions. After they emerge (usually in some sort of matching pajamas) the truth is shared and they once again confer with the experts.

What I think that people can get out of watching the show is some helpful relationship advice. While I agree that the show is definitely entertainment, there is some helpful advice from the experts given. I notice that the majority of couples have been in a relationship for a while and they seem to want to make things better. The core of the show is the advice and the sex part is just to get the couples talking freely.

The experts discuss everything from trust issues to finding the passion again in a relationship. They discuss expectations of couples along with things like lack of support and lack of communication.

My husband and I watched the show together because we had both seen the previews. We watched all three episodes available.


Now you can watch Sex Box every Friday on WEtv at 10pm/9c


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  1. This sounds very interesting. Of course, they have to get ratings, so the box is a good hook, but I’m very interested in the counseling aspect of this. I’ll give it a look. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really interesting concept! Reminds me of the scripted show: History of Sex that I tried watching – the style of the show got in the way. I think therapy in any form can be good for a couple!

  3. Pam

    This looks really interesting. Couple’s therapy can really work wonders for some people. I’m a huge proponent of therapy!

  4. Robin {Masshole Mommy}

    This is definitely an interesting concept. Hopefully all of the people who come on this show can get the help they need to get their marriages back on track.

  5. Danielle K

    This looks like a really interesting show. My hubby and I have done counseling and would love to hear how other couples discuss and handle their issues regarding intimacy and emotions.

  6. That sounds like a really interesting program. It could be a good way for couples to learn about these issues.

  7. I think communication is important in every aspect of a relationship and some people have a difficult time talking about certain topics, or talking at all. Everyone could stand to do a improve a bit!

  8. I can see a lot of benefits to this form of couples therapy. Good to know that we still encourage people to work through their issues.

  9. Hopefully these people can find the resolutions they seek in their relationships. Maintaing a connection in your marriage is work and sometimes people need a little support.

  10. It’s like free therapy at home! I can definitely see how this show could be inspirational!

  11. Wow this does sound really interesting. I can see this being really helpful for couples, and really beneficial!

  12. Rachelle J

    I remember seeing the commercial for this show and being like Are you for real!? But now that I know what it’s about I actually think that’s kind of a cool idea!

  13. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like an interesting show. I have heard a little bit about it. If it can help someones relationship then why not give it a try. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  14. I have heard of it lightly. We’re so far behind on TV shows though, that we may never catch up. The last thing we watched faithfully was Jeopardy, and that was about a decade ago. 😉

  15. Lol, for some reason, I think we would watch this show too, sounds interesting!

  16. So far I haven’t made it back home on time to catch this when it’s on, but New York City Traffic is always a bear!

  17. Tracey

    This was such a great read.Couple’s therapy is a great tool to incorporate into any relationship.

  18. This looks like a very interesting show. I’m a fan of anyone that wants to work on their relationship.

  19. I think anything that helps you learn and grow as a couple can be good for you, if both people go in to it with an open mind. I love therapy, and I love growing in a relationship.

  20. I am sure there are many couples who could use this service. I know no one is perfect so this is a great platform.

  21. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. I think you spend numerous effort and time updating your blog. I have bookmarked it.

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