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Costco Trade-In & Recycle Program For Used Electronics

Costco Recycle Your Used Electronics ProgramIf your house is anything like my house, then the chances are you have some old, unused electronics laying around. I cannot bring myself to throw them away because I know that is not what you are supposed to do.

I was at my local Costco yesterday (I am a bulk shopping fanatic that usually alternates between Sam's and Costco) and I heard this guy talking about their program for trading in used electronics.

Costco has partnered with Gazelle to offer you money for your used electronics in a program called the Trade-In and Recycle Program. So how do they calculate what to offer you?

Gazelle has a sophisticated pricing engine. It gathers tons of data on your item's value. Based on your answers to our questions, we make the best offer possible.

For most items, the older it is, the less valuable it gets. If you wait too long, it might not be worth as much as it is today.

When an item has no resale value because it's too old or doesn't work Gazelle will gladly recycle it for you, even if we can't offer you any money.

This is a fabulous way to get rid of some of the things laying around your house that you no longer use and get a little cash (or a Costco Cash Card) in return. They will buy Cell Phones, Digital Cameras,  MP3 Players, PDAs, Laptops, GPS devices, Gaming Consoles, Camcorders, Video Games and More!

Even better, here is their Promise to You:

  • Every item gets an offer
  • Personal data wiped from all items
  • Free shipping and packaging for qualifying items

Personal data has always been a concern of mine with my old electronics. This is why I have four or five old cell phones laying around, two broken laptops and a lot of other little gadgets that may not work but have some of our information on them. I love that they guarantee the safety of your data.
In fact as a part of the standard inspection process, they wipe all items clean of personal data.
Although there are some items that they will not accept online, the Trade-In & Recycle Program offers a Recycle Network where you can put in your zip code to find local recyclers near you. It took me less than 10 seconds to find a place near my house where we could take an old television that we have had sititng in our basement.
This is a really great program and a fabulous way to keep your old stuff out of a landfill! Try it out today.

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  1. The Trade-In Programs are wonderful. I didn’t know Costco had one. I have used in the past. Traded in some old electronics and got myself a new photo printer with the gift cards. I love to recycle! Thanks for letting me know about Costco’s program.

    Wishing you a scent-sational day!

  2. Gazelle is doing a lot of good work when it comes to recycling old electronics. Last week I put together a comparison matrix of services like Gazelle and they seem to offer the most choice. After I put up that post, one of the other programs asked me to put up another matrix but this time showing who would offer the best price. That is what I am working on at the moment and they are convinced they will win.

  3. Brandy

    That’s really cool! We actually take in old computer parts and non-working computer parts or computers within our local area, some day we would love to offer this outside of local area too. We then take them, fix them and get them out in the hands of those who need computers. We charge a small fee, which is tiny compared to what a “real computer” would cost. We basically charge 1-2 hours of labor, give free keyboard, monitor and mouse with the tower and have had great luck with that!!

  4. that’s good to know. I have never heard of it.

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