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Store Return Policies | What You Need to Know Before You Go

Shopping Store Return Policies


Do you know the return policy for the stores that you shop at?

If you are anything like me, you will most likely be shopping at some point during the holiday season. There is something that is very important for me to know when I shop each holiday season. That is the store return policy.

For instance, did you know that many stores extend their return policies during the holidays? Not all of them do, however so that information is good to know. In fact, I tend to shop more at the stores with the generous return policy over those that don't. I am so busy that I am often forgetting to return things to the store.

All of these stores are good places to shop at but always do your homework before shopping anywhere.


Apple Store

Barnes and Noble

Bath and Body Works

Bed Bath and Beyond

Best Buy



Game Stop



Hobby Lobby


JC Penney


Michael’s Craft Store

Old Navy


TJ Maxx

Toys R Us



Which store is your favorite and what do you like about their return policy?

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