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At Sears you can always count on getting more…more value, more brands, more rewards and more ways to shop. This has been true for years when it comes to Sears. Sears recently launched a campaign called #MoreToYou to surprise and delight real people based on their actual tweets – capturing heartfelt and riveting emotional reactions in an online series of short videos. The videos are really great.

In each video, Sears shows how they bring more to members — from in-vehicle pick-up to being the exclusive retailer of trusted brands like Kenmore and Craftsman, Sears turns a birthday disaster into the ultimate surprise party. In the video below, the inspiration was a tweet from a mom coming to grips with her son heading off to college. Although my son is only 11, I can really relate to this and I even teared up a little about the son going away to school.

What the video really demonstrated was that Anyone, Anywhere Pick-up allowed a mom to give her son a heartfelt surprise when she couldn’t be with him in person. This was a really sweet part of the video. Anyone, Anywhere Pickup allows you to shop online for yourself or a loved one and have the order picked up by anyone, at any Sears store across the country. How cool is that? The mother was able to order things for her son and he could pick them across country at a Sears location near him. It’s so easy–before adding an item to your cart simply select “Free Store Pickup” and select your preferred location; when your items arrive in your selected store you are notified via email and can pick up your order, ready in five minutes – guaranteed.


Sears wants to know, if you had to ship a gift from Sears to anyone in the country who would it be and what would you get them? How would you use in-vehicle pick-up to save time? Sears offers so many ways to save time that now they want to hear what you will do to save time. Now you can enter to win a $50 Sears Gift Card by telling us which Sears service you would most like to use. Enter in the Rafflcopter below.

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29 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. erica best

    i would say the tires

  2. Karen

    I would use the free store pick-up-and to send my sister something in California.

  3. Donna A.

    I would use the in-vehicle pick-up because sometimes I don’t feel like dealing with the crowds in the store.

  4. Lori M

    my husband needs new tires on his car so i would probably use the tires service center.

  5. sherri crawford

    free store pickup to avoid extra costs

  6. Rae Jean Wycoff

    Anyone, Anywhere Pickup. I like the idea of one of my loved ones getting a surprize gift that I don’t have to ship myself

  7. Kelly D

    I would like to take advantage of the Free Store Pickup. It saves a lot on shipping costs.

  8. Kristen

    I’d like to get a tune up before our next car trip.

  9. Mami2jcn

    A tune-up would really come in handy before we take our next family road trip.

  10. Julie Wood

    I like the Anyone, Anywhere Pickup so I can send my sister a surprise gift for the Holidays!

  11. Nicole Dz

    I would like to use the free store pickup to avoid additional costs.

  12. Jan Lee

    I’d like to use the shipping service to get my friends, who live out of state, a Christmas present 🙂

  13. Elle P.

    I’d be interested in the tune-up which my car can always use.

  14. Gina M

    I would use the in-vehicle pick-up for sure, and I would probably have a gift sent to my cousin in TX.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  15. stephanie

    i like the free store pick-up

  16. Katherine

    I like their free store pickup

  17. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would take advantage of the tune up!

  18. ellen beck

    I would like to use their tire service- my tires need rotating and it is winter time so I want to make sure they are all alright and will be fine in the snow and ice.

  19. Thomas Murphy

    I would like the tune-up because my car has not had one in a long time.

  20. Dawn Monroe

    Ive never used it but the in vehicle pick up sounds like a huge time saver for someone with kids.

  21. Oh I love the in-vehicle pick-up to save time….and sanity! 🙂 With kids in toe and temps around 7 degrees today…that would be so wonderful!!!

  22. Crystal

    I’d love the in-vehicle pickup – lately it’s been too chilly to imagine getting out of the warm car sometimes!

  23. Tina W

    I love the idea of vehicle pick-up. No wandering around the store, just pull up and get your package.

  24. Jordan

    I love their free store pickup service! So great!

  25. Janice

    tune up – I’m not very car savvy :

  26. Anywhere pick-up is awesome. I would totally use this. The video was great. The only question I had was “I noticed he scanned some type of card and it said Hello Brennan and it made me wonder how that part worked” Does the recipient have to have a sears card and only that person can pick it up? I think this feature would make shopping so much easier!

  27. shelly peterson

    I would use the Anyone, Anywhere Pick-up service and get my Mom a gift since she lives in a different state.

  28. ellen beck

    Stacie I put my youtube name wrong tonight the cat jumped up and it hit enter I am Tan’na Wings.

  29. Birdiebee

    I would love to try the Anywhere pickup.

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