Walmart Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center

Walmart Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center

Walmart Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center 1

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All words and opinions are my own.

Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center

A few weeks ago tragedy struck our household. Our T.V. stand broke. One of the legs cracked thanks to a bit of rough house play (thanks boys) and we found ourselves with our television sitting on the floor. Have you ever tried watching a movie while the T.V. sits on the floor? I do not recommend the experience; It's a very bad viewing angle. So when the opportunity came to check out the Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center, I jumped.

Walmart Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center 2

The Walmart Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center features an espresso colored finish that looks great. The modularized design is sturdy, with the T.V. stand sporting eight storage compartments. Each end unit adds an additional five storage cubes, combining for and impressive 18 places to store and show off your stuff.

The TV stand can support up to 100 pounds on the top panel while the included stopper helps to keep televisions up to 50 inches securely in place. The TV stand makes cord management easy with the open-back cubes, and is sized to accommodate flat screen TVs up to 50 inches.

Building the Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center

Constructing the Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center is really pretty easy. All of the parts are included in the box, and the only tools you really need are a screwdriver and hammer. The directions were very straightforward and easy to follow; all told it took me about 90 minutes to get everything assembled. Check out the video above for the assembly visuals.

Where to Buy?

The Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center is available for purchase at Walmart. As of today, the unit is priced at under $150, which is a fantastic deal when you consider the style and functionality of the entertainment center. So check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments. Could you see something like the Mainstays Cube Storage Home Entertainment Center in your home?

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43 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Elicit Folio

    I love the way you decided to setup your entertainment center! Thanks for the design inspo!

  2. Yes I really need something like this. Love that it is affordable and easy to put together too. I’d never think of Walmart for this typically. But price and style make me think that this is actually perfect for a room in my home too. 

  3. I love this entertainment center! Stylish and classy!

  4. Now that is one awesome entertainment center! It looks simple to set up. I love the individual cubes.

  5. Melanie Walsh

    My kids are rough on our furniture also, so it’s time to get something new. This looks like a great option with storage and the ability to add more cubes to truly fit your space.

  6. It looks nice and it gives you a lot of options for storage. I think I’d add some of those cube drawers to mine.

  7. Kiwi

    I love the cube style of the entertainment center. Its modern and great decor in the home around the tv.

  8. Love this! What a great stylish storage option – it would be so fun to deck this out! 🙂 Awesome!

  9. Looks sturdy. sooo simple and easy to put together I am sold! I am totally checking this out and will recommend to my friends!

  10. Definitely need someone like you around to build this furniture! Great post.

  11. yay for cube system storage! or any storage in general because they keep clutter away and that’s just amazing to the mind/eyes

  12. That storage center is absolutely gorgeous, it’s super stylish! I’m always looking for storage that is practical and looks good. I love that this is affordable too.

  13. Joanna

    This is a great TV unit, with plenty of space for the home theater and the gaming console. I like that it is tall as well, I could put pictures with my loves ones near the top.

  14. The TV stand and system is the center of any home. I loved this entertainment center and would get one when ours wears down or to freshen up the room.

  15. Amy

    I need one of these in white for my bedroom. I think they are really cute and I would mix up the decor in each every season!

  16. gitte

    oh seems really handy !and fun to decorate so its not a boring tv stand ! x gitte vander elst (

  17. This is a really cool way to organize and decorate. I definitely like the idea of having an entertainment center like that.

  18. I really love these cube organizers from Walmart. I have a few of them around here, but had no idea I could use one for a TV, going to give that a try!

  19. I love those shelves that organize everything at the same time looking stylish. When I get a house, I will have to have an cube storage entertainment center like you have. Walmart definitely has some good products.

  20. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Wow, that storage center is so beautiful and I really like it because it looks so neat and organize.

  21. I have so many of these cubes around my house. They are perfect for closets and toy storage in my boys rooms.

  22. Love shopping at Walmart for just about everything. So glad to see they have some great ideas for storage in the new entertainment center we are planning.

  23. krystal

    I have these crates for literally everything! A few in my office and even in our living room with baskets.

  24. Now that is what I call fun. These crates have to come in handy for so many things and I never thought about making an entertainment center with them. I love the look of your entertainment center set up. Mainstays has so many things to make great furniture choices.

  25. I love that it looks great but is super functional. Perfect for homes lacking in storage space!

  26. Shar

    What a great little entertainment center and I love that it has so much shelving!  Thanks for sharing this awesome item 🙂

  27. Priyanka

    Good to hear that it was easy to put together! I’m not very good at that, haha.  It looks great!

  28. I love a great deal like this that lets us have something that is functional and useful without spending a fortune! The finished product looks amazing!

  29. Sherry

    I love the look of this unit. I would end up filling the cubes up with books and collectibles that were handed down from my grandmother.

  30. I really want a system like this for my lounge but Hubby isn’t keen……I am still working on him

  31. WOW. This is amazing. Much try and get one for my home too. Thank you for sharing.

    ❤ Amena.

  32. Gingermommy

    I really could use this in our family room

  33. Looks cozy and comfy! i used to have similar system in my apt before, I liked it quite much

  34. I love this! Looks really awesome!

  35. I have so many books and movies. This would be a great way to set up an entertainment center in my home. 

  36. Preet

    This cube storage looks very useful. This is what I needed at home. I’ll have to check this at Walmart

  37. ohh i love the cube storage !! and how you set those up they look so chic and practical

  38. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will be keeping this in mind if we push through with our plans to re-do our family room. I love the storage and display space.

  39. Those cubes are fun and I think really add to an entertainment space. Can you imagine how many movies and video games could be stored there!

  40. Daphne

    I enjoy the mainstays cubes. We use it for our books and decorate shelving. it is perfect because you can build it to your desire. They options are endless. 

  41. This looks great! Keeps everything so organised and unsightly wires out of the way!

  42. I like your new setup for the tv and home decorations! It looks modern and functional! 🙂

  43. Lebogang Xolo

    This is so dope. Absolutely love crafts and this would be a great project.

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