Travel with Kids: Literary Destinations in the US, from Florida to New Hampshire
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Travel with Kids: Literary Destinations in the US

Travel with Kids: Literary Destinations in the US

Travel with Kids: Literary Destinations in the US

The United States is filled with literary destinations that children can identify with, both young and old, so planning a family trip around a favorite story or character is a great way to see the country. When there are so many travel destinations to choose from, and even more attractions to fill our time while there, it might seem like a book for a trip theme might get boring. However, there is so much variety possible when you plan a trip around a favorite story of your kids, and they can often lead to more exciting fun that you thought.


Orlando might be the land of Disney, but it is also the home of Universal Studios and the World of Harry Potter. Any Harry Potter fans will be ecstatic to spend a day or two immersed in the books that are so beloved and exciting. Every little detail has been well thought out by the park planners, right down to the drinks and snacks that you can enjoy. Give kids the chance to read the entire series before visiting the park, because the rides and village grow with the stories.


As the home of Mark Twain, Hannibal, Missouri, clearly served as a point of inspiration for many of his fiction novels that all took place along the Mississippi River. The entire town is filled with Twain connections, from tours of his home to a park for families that celebrates his life and characters. A great way to get to Hannibal, leave or just take a fun family trip, is to go aboard any one of the historic riverboats that make stops up and down the mighty Mississippi.


Also in the state of Missouri is the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the home where she wrote the books and raised her daughter, Rose. There are actually several Ingalls homes and sites across the country to visit, but this stop is great for families because it ties all the books in, has a house museum and the farm to explore, parts of Mansfield are historic and protected and there are themed festivals that celebrate the life of the famous author.


You might be wondering what is in New Hampshire to capture the attention of little ones, but did you know that this was the home of the authors of Curious George? Here at the site of their summer home they would explore nature, get curious and then create. The Margret & H.A. Rey Center is dedicated to getting families and kids out into nature to explore and create, in whatever way comes naturally to them. Everything that ever had anything to do with George’s adventure’s was inspired by the days and nights spent out here. The center is a great place to start, there are so many planned events and activities that get children and adults of all ages engaged. Then book a couple nights at the center and create your own adventures with the kids.

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  1. Harry Potter, FTW! I love the Harry Potter series, and I have been dying to see the new Universal set they have down there. These are all great picks.

  2. Orlando, Florida is always a great place to visit. Yes, you guessed right: mainly because of Disney World. I absolutely adore it there! Especially with the family.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have been saving to go to Universal Studios and see the World of Harry Potter. These are great destinations to go with the kids.

  4. These are great suggestions. My kids want to go to Universal Studios, so our next destination would be Orlando.

  5. Oh these would be so fun to visit if you have a major reader in the family! I can think of a few people who do!

  6. These sound like interesting destinations. I was kinda shocked that you didn’t include DC since it has a bunch of stuff related to history too. I guess that is another post. 🙂

  7. I’d love explore Missouri some more, so I’ll definitely have to visit these locations someday with my family. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kathy

    Orlando FL is on my list of places to go. I still haven’t been, and I would love to bring my girls. I think it would be a great experience.

  9. Wendy Polisi

    These are brilliant idea list of beautiful places. I would love and bring my family to Orlando, Florida one day.

  10. My teen guide

    I’m hoping to travel to Orlando, Folrida with my husband. I think its a perfect place for our second honeymoon.

  11. We’ve been to Florida and we absolutely loved it. I love the atmosphere there, it reminds me a lot of my home city in South Africa.

  12. What an amazing idea. I never thought of doing this. I would love to visit the hometown of Laura Ingalls. Wilder or take a trip down the great Mississippi like Mark Twain’s characters.

  13. adriana

    These are such great ideas! I love when destinations are kid-friendly too. So much fun for everyone!

  14. This is a good list. I would love to know more fun facts like this for some of my favorite authors. – yolonda

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