Check out the Pocketability and Sleek Designs of OtterBox

Check out the Pocketability and Sleek Designs of OtterBox

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.

Check out the Pocketability and Sleek Designs of OtterBox

I am someone whose phone is practically an appendage. As a business owner, I constantly need to be accessible by phone so therefore it is pretty much always with me.

Years ago I had a phone that I believed would be fine without a case or any sort of protection. I didn't have a screen cover. I didn't cover the phone. I did nothing because hey what could possibly happen, right? This worked for about three weeks and then I dropped it. The screen shattered and the casing around the phone even broke. It was awful.

When I went to store to replace my phone, I purchased a phone along with an OtterBox case. I didn't even use the phone until I had to case on it.

Check out the OtterBox website where you can learn more about the brand the different types of phone cases and see how OtterBox can help you protect your investment because after all, aren't phones an investment? They aren't cheap and we all have them but some of us don't protect them like we should. OtterBox protects just like it should.

Check out the Pocketability and Sleek Designs of OtterBoxABOUT OTTERBOX

If you haven't heard of or used an OtterBox then you are definitely missing out.

Most OtterBox cases focus on “pocketability” and they are very easy to carry around. Shown here is the Symmetry with its sleek design and stylish protection. This phone in the case fits perfectly in my pocket and it is a beautifully, sleek, thin case that looks great on my phone. I love the colors and I love how compact the phone still feels even with the case on.

Check out the Pocketability and Sleek Designs of OtterBoxWHAT KIND OF PHONE WRECKER AM I?

Well of course, I am Shattered Screen Queen PhoneWrecker. Click below to Tweet that out and look below for info on getting a discount if take and Tweet the quiz.

What does that mean?

You social butterfly you. You’re a broken phone waiting to happen. Between happy hour appearances, dance parties and girls’ night out – not to mention all the #selfies in between – you have a 68.2% chance of shattering your screen.* Perhaps you should try a stronger grip on that selfie stick. Better get yourself an OtterBox Symmetry Series case. Sleek, stylish, and best of all, protective!


So what type of Phone Wrecker do you think that you are? Take the fun quiz and share your results with me in the comments below. Plus, if you share your Phone Breaker quiz result via social media or email, you can receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order at!

The coupon cannot be combined with any other special offer.

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