Cancer treatment in India: Why choose this country for treatment?
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Cancer treatment in India: Why choose this country for treatment?

Cancer treatment in India: Why choose this country for treatment?

India is improving the methods of recovery and healing of cancer patients. Every year, the number of patients seeking oncology treatment in India is increasing. Cancer patients from Western Europe, Asia, and the United States of America come here.

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Benefits of cancer treatment in India

Indian doctors use unique, innovative technologies: Calypso System, TrueBeam, HDR, da Vinci robot-surgeon, and RapidArc. Thanks to technical equipment and experience, doctors from India successfully treat cancer at the same level as specialists from Israel and the USA. The advantage is the lower cost of services. You can learn more about it on Doctor.Global. Cancer treatment in India is carried out at a reasonably high level compared to neighboring countries. The Federation and the Ministry of Health control the quality of services. ISO and JCI accredited many clinics in this country. Cancer treatment in India is a combination of advanced medical achievements with Ayurveda. This approach, backed by centuries-old spiritual healing experience, often enhances the treatment's effect. Oncology treatment in India is often much more successful than in European hospitals.

Why you should consider treatment in India

  • World-approved treatment methods, development of author's techniques. The country's oncologists actively practice neuronavigation during brain surgery, use PET tomography, and apply innovative methods of immunotherapy.
  • Genetic analysis for early diagnosis of cancer. The test is performed to identify risk factors and detect cancer pathologies early. Detection of potentially dangerous genes makes it possible to carry out effective cancer prevention.
  • Special attention to common types of neuropathologies – brain cancer.
  • Democratic prices for medical services. Diagnostics and treatment in Indian clinics, including private hospitals, are 3-5 times cheaper than in the USA and Europe. At the same time, reviews of cancer treatment in India allow us to conclude that the quality of medical services is at the world standard level.

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Stage 4 cancer treatment in India

It is difficult to achieve the desired effect at this stage using typical methods. Innovative methods are used here: radiofrequency ablation, cellular immunotherapy, intra-arterial chemotherapy. These methods can help the patient even with a large number of metastases.

Medical statistics of oncology in India

Experts note that the highest cancer incidence rates are in countries where the population prefers fast food. About 50 percent of cancer cases among Americans are attributed to improper diet. As for India, the peculiarities of the national cuisine ensure a reduction in cancer incidence. Many dishes are prepared using spices with anti-cancer effects, such as turmeric and saffron.

Research in oncology is carried out here every day, applying advanced techniques that are used by leading oncology clinics in other countries and helping to treat millions of people. The progressive approach to oncological treatment in India ensures a high cure rate, no worse than in Israel, Germany, or the USA – more than 80%.

Timely diagnosis of cancer is the best method of prevention

Oncologists worldwide are constantly emphasizing the need for early cancer diagnosis. For this purpose, monitoring your health and undergoing preventive examinations on time is necessary.

Among the innovations used by Indian doctors is 4D Time-Of-Flight diagnostics. This is the most advanced type of PET-CT examination, which uses a patented 64-channel scanning system. This method allows the visualization of the functions of the whole organism and the assessment of the metabolic activity of the cancerous neoplasm (presence of metastases).

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Leading cancer centers in India

Many clinics in India with multidisciplinary specializations have oncology departments in their structure. The leading oncology centers are JCI, NABH, NABL accredited hospitals:

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute: The clinic leads in pediatric hematology and robotic neck and thoracic organ surgeries for patients with cancerous lesions of the esophagus and thyroid gland.
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital: The hospital is renowned for its strong technical base, and it was here that doctors pioneered the use of the innovative CyberKnife for treating brain cancer and HIPEC for colorectal cancer. Doctors at the hospital successfully treat malignant breast tumors using single intraoperative and three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy.
  • Apollo Clinic: The hospital's doctors specialize in proton therapy and combined lung and liver cancer surgery. They perform organ-preserving interventions for bone tumors and laparoscopic operations for colorectal cancer.

More and more cancer patients from abroad are opting for cancer treatment in India. There are clinics in this country equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, and the best Indian specialists undergo training in oncology centers in Western countries. The main thing that attracts foreign patients to India is the cost of procedures, which is significantly lower than in Western countries.

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