A Puppy for Christmas

Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas?

Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner, and this is the time of year that adoption shelters see their adoption numbers rise drastically and pet groomers sell more pets. But that isn't always a good thing. If you have been considering adopting (or buying) a pet for someone for a Christmas gift, you may want to rethink that decision. We hope that you find this Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas post valuable. 

Why You Should NOT Buy a Pet as a Christmas Gift

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According to statistics, in March and April, most animal shelters around the country see an increase in animals being turned in, thanks to all those cuddly Christmas presents being turned over. And, believe it or not, most of them are purebred dogs. Many of these pets are “surprise” gifts for someone who is not prepared for the responsibility of an animal. They take the pet so as not to hurt the gift giver's feelings, but they soon realize they can't take care of the animal properly, so they turn it into a shelter. This reason and others make giving an animal as a gift a very bad idea. It's very important to keep dogs healthy.

Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas?


Pets can be expensive. If the person you are gifting the pet to can't afford to care for the pet, it may end up in a shelter, given away, or just plain neglected. To make sure that the person can care for the animal, you can either buy the basics the pet will need and pay to have it spayed or neutered, as well as make sure it gets its first round of shots. If you cannot afford all of that, think about how the person receiving the pet may feel. If this is too expensive for you, but you still want to get the pet, check out adoption. Many of the animals in shelters already have had their shot and are spayed or neutered. You get all of that with a low adoption fee.

Too much holiday commotion.

All of the commotion during the holidays can be stressful for people, so consider how a pet may feel as they are trying to adjust to a new environment that is in chaos. There are new people in and out of the home and the actual layout of the home may be in disarray because of guests staying over or holiday decorations. Plus, if the person you've given the pet to is entertaining guests they won't have time to bond with the new pet, which can leave the animal feeling alone, confused, and frightened. Scared animals can bite or even run away.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Shelters around the country report an in taking in lost pets around the holidays simply from animals running away from home or being lost during holiday commotion. A way to help prevent this type of thing from happening is to make sure the person receiving the gift is prepared to watch the animal, or at least crate them when lots of people are at home. If you can, wait until the very end of the holiday season to give the pet as a gift.

This time of year can be bad for animal's health.

Puppies and kittens shouldn’t be exposed to too many new animals or places when they are small because they have delicate immune systems that can be compromised. If you give a pet during the holidays, there is a high chance the animal will be moved around and exposed to many new people and other animals. If you insist on getting a puppy or kitten this time of year, make sure the pet has its shots and keep it in a stable environment. This is also why adopting an older animal, who has been exposed to other animals and people plus has had its shots, is a good idea. Also, its temperament will have been tested to see how the animal does with these types of interruptions.

Why You Should NOT Buy a Pet as a Christmas Gift

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Training is put on hold. 

When the pet is brought into an environment that is full of chaos, bonding with the animal is interrupted, but so is training, This is where behavioral issues come in with many pets. The animal needs to be shown where its food or water is, and where it needs to go to the bathroom. Mix-ups can happen even with older animals that are house-trained if the new owner can't take the time to show the animal the ropes and teach them the rules of its new house.

The animal may not be suited for its new home. 

If you buy a pet, it may not be suited for the home you're taking it to. If the household has children they may frighten the animal. If the household has other pets, they may not be welcoming to the new animal. This can make for a biting incident waiting to happen. One way to make sure the animal is suited for its new environment is to adopt an animal from a shelter that you can observe before you adopt. You can see how the pet does with other animals, children, and adults, and get a feel for its behavior and temperament.

National Adopt a Cat Month

The person or people may not be suited for a new animal. 

If the person you're giving a pet to is busy, has a demanding job or is growing a family, a pet may not be good for them. Furthermore, the type of pet you choose may be a bad idea. The American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the National Humane Society both say that cats are better for people who travel a lot or have a busier lifestyle. Small dogs are better for homes without children. Large dogs are better for homes with room to run, and older dogs are better for people who cannot invest in training. Know the type of animal and what it is best suited for before you buy or adopt it and make sure that its behaviors and personality will be good for the home and the person it will go to.

Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas?

If you just must get someone an animal for a gift, make sure the person is prepared for the responsibility of a pet. This is not a temporary gift or a toy. A pet is a living being that needs love, attention, and a stable home with enough financial security to care for it. It is at least a 10-year commitment that the person must be ready to invest in. We hope that this Should You Get the Kids A Puppy for Christmas post inspires you. Good luck!


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