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5 Reasons You Need to Book a Vacation Rental

5 Reasons You Need to Book a Vacation Rental

5 Reasons You Need to Book a Vacation Rental

As the Vacation Rentals and Shares Expert on About.com, you can bet that I have a lot to say about vacation rentals. A LOT. 90% of the time we travel, I book a vacation rental. I am such a fan of vacation rentals that several times per year my family and I book a large house for everyone to stay in.

Every year for the past five years, we have booked a vacation rental with at least 5 bedrooms. Sometimes it is at the beach. Sometimes it is in the North Georgia Mountains. Sometimes it is somewhere else close to Atlanta (less than 4 hours). This is how my family gets together. We stay in a vacation rental for 3-4 nights and have Thanksgiving dinner together. We always have an amazing time, make lots of memories and I get to see my family. We sometimes get some Black Friday shopping in there as well.

I choose vacation rentals because of the flexibility it gives you. Here are my 5 Reasons You Need to Book a Vacation Rental for your next holiday.

The Reasons…

1. Availability

There are vacation rentals around the world and no matter where you want to go, you will most likely be able to find something to rent there!

2. Size

As a family of five with three growing children, one room in a hotel can no longer really accommodate my family. We have to get two rooms at a hotel and these costs add up. We used HomeAway to book a two-bedroom apartment next month when we travel to NYC and it ended up costing less than a hotel room plus we are right off of Times Square.

3. Dining

If I want a bowl of cereal at midnight that is no easy feat in a hotel. However, in my vacation rental I only need to walk to the refrigerator. The same goes for snacks. We save a lot by cooking at our vacation rental and we are more relaxed plus we get the benefit of leftovers.

4. Affordability

Our vacation rental in NYC next month is costing less than $300 per night whereas a hotel room was going to run us over $500 per night. This is the only feasible option in some cities for my family. Vacation rentals offer value no matter what size of family you have.

5. Laundry

Yeah this might sound strange but I always get a vacation rental with a washer/dryer or laundry facilities. Nothing is worse than coming home from vacation and having to do multiple loads of laundry. I do all of the laundry during the last few days so that everyone comes home with clean clothes that only need to be put away. I get to relax after vacation and you should too!

My children are big proponents of travel and they really are the main reasons we go where we do. They love to travel and see new places plus they love to re-visit some of our favorites.


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