What to Expect When Traveling on a Luxury Private Jet
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What to Expect When Traveling on a Luxury Private Jet

What to Expect When Traveling on a Luxury Private Jet

Private jets have been around for decades, with everyone from celebrities to business people using them to travel to events, meetings, or momentous occasions. However, if you have never flown on a private jet, you may not know what they are about.

If you plan on travelling on a private jet, here are some fantastic things you could expect from your experience.


No waiting in line or queues

Regarding a private jet charter, there are few, if not zero, lines to wait in. Most private jet users travel from separate hangers and buildings at airports and airstrips.

Part of travelling privately is separating yourself from commercial flights and the lines and waiting involved in that aspect.


While you will discover this before you step foot on the plane, many will be surprised to hear how affordable private flying is, especially if you travel in a group. Private jet flights can sometimes cost nearly the same as a commercial flight if you travel with a big enough group.

You can also book cheaper tickets by flying empty legs, simply the flights the jet has to take back to get back to its home base. You would need to be more flexible with dates and times, but they are much more affordable.

Private lounge & facilities

Lounge facilities are typically available depending on your charter company and the airport or airstrip you take off from. You can have drinks and food and relax or work if necessary.

These private lounges will also sometimes offer conferencing and office facilities if you need to hold meetings, as well as bathroom and shower facilities to freshen up before or after a flight.

On arrival, private jet users go through their own customs line and are processed much quicker than commercial passengers.

Last-minute changes

One of the most significant advantages of travelling on a private jet is the amount of flexibility you have with your flight. While some changes will cost extra, you can often change where and when you land, sometimes mid-flight too.

Multiple destination options

In addition to being able to make last-minute changes to your flight, private jet travel is far more flexible when it comes to destinations too. You can land at commercial airports and a variety of airstrips and local airports.

Private jets don’t need the same infrastructure and landing strip size as commercial aircraft, meaning they can land almost anywhere with an air control tower and functioning landing strip.

Better than First Class

Another thing that first-time flyers should know is how much better private jets are compared to First-Class. While First-Class seats look spacious, they are nothing compared to what you can find in a private jet.

Additionally, when it comes to sleeping arrangements, while First-Class seats recline, private jets have proper beds that you can use.

Baggage options & pets

Another major plus when travelling on private jets is that baggage limitations are almost nonexistent. While on commercial flights, you have a weight limit and need to pay for additional baggage; private jets will allow you to bring on as much as they deem safe.

They are also almost always more flexible regarding pets, with many charter companies either allowing it outright or allowing pets if you have received permission before your flight.

Food & drink

One thing many people know about flying on private jets is the abundance of food and drink options. While some flights will have standard menus and options, many will allow you to change them and have almost anything you would like.

Depending on the facilities the jet may have and based on what the charter service may offer, you can also hire a chef for the flight. Businesses often do this when travelling with potential clients or people they want to look after.

Entertainment & business options

Regarding entertainment, most flights will have TVs and sound systems, as well as internet access. You can watch movies and stream shows, but multiple office and business facilities are also available.

Some jets will have boardrooms and private offices that allow you to do work and take calls in a quiet space.

Additional extras

Finally, some charter companies will offer additional extras, such as booking hotels or transport. Many larger charter companies will have relationships with these services, allowing you to get discounts too.

Shuttle and transport services are beneficial if you are travelling to a new country or city and need help figuring out how to get around.

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