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9 Tips for a Successful Salon Client Consultation

Unlock Your Hair Goals: Successful Salon Client Consultation

When your clients come to your salon, they are trusting you with one of the most important aspects of their identity: their hair. Whether your clients want a bold haircut or are there to color their hair for the first time, it’s understandable why they may want to share inspirational photos and talk through their hair goals before the service is performed. And that’s where salon client consultations can help make sure the client and the stylist are on the same page. No one wants to leave the hair salon feeling like they didn’t achieve their goal for the appointment or didn’t get what they paid for. We all want successful salon visits. We hope that this 9 Tips for a Successful Salon Client Consultation post inspires you. 

9 Tips for a Successful Salon Client Consultation

But what goes into the ideal client consultation that results in success? We are sharing some techniques and tips that you can use to create consultations that give your guests peace of mind, as well as help your stylists set realistic expectations. Implement these strategies to make sure your clients and stylists are on the same page. Miscommunication could lead to losing valuable clients because their expectations weren’t met. 

Methods for Successful Salon Client Consultation


The Consultation Key to Flawless Hair 

Build Consultations into Every Appointment 

If you want to ensure every appointment gets off to a great start, make consultations mandatory with each appointment. You can treat the consultation as a separate appointment or dedicate the first 15 to 30 minutes of the appointment to talking with clients. Either way, this is an important step in learning about your client’s wishes while also setting realistic expectations. You can also use this opportunity to share more about which salon hair care products you use, which can be important to clients. 

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Offer Virtual Consultations for New and Potential Clients 

One way you can get more clients through your salon’s doors is by offering free virtual consultations. This will help you stand out from the competition by offering potential clients the opportunity to meet with one of your stylists virtually before they book a service to understand how your salon can help them achieve the hair of their dreams. You can also offer virtual consultations for your loyal clients, too. This is just one way to diversify how you’re able to make sure your stylists and clients are on the same page. 

Always Be Attentive and Present 

Trust is difficult to earn, but if the client feels listened to and understood, it’s easier for them to take risks and enjoy their service. We know there is a lot of prep work that has to occur at the beginning of the appointment, but we recommend saving that until after the consultation is over so you can sit down with your clients and listen to them. 

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Ask the Right Questions 

It’s very common for clients to bring inspirational photos that reflect what they want to achieve with their hair at the salon. Rather than looking at the image and then diving right into it, ask the client what they like about the particular hairstyle or color. Their answers might surprise you. Asking clients more questions about the inspiration photo can better align their expectations with what is possible to achieve, which is the best-case scenario for both the stylist and the client. Once you’re on the same page, ask which hair styling products they would like you to use so the final result is exactly what they’re looking for.

Share Prices and Determine the Budget

During the consultation, it can help to share pricing expectations with the client and learn more about their budget. While clients don’t want to be surprised by the total cost of their new hairstyle, they may be too shy to bring up costs or a budget when booking their appointments. That’s where a consultation can align the stylist and client when it comes to understanding the cost and pricing of the services. 

Take This Opportunity to Learn About the Client’s Hair Care and History

Stylists know just how important it is to get the full picture of a person’s hair history — especially when it comes to color — before they embark on a new style. You want to ask questions such as: 

  • When was the last time you colored your hair? 
  • Was the coloring done professionally or at home? 
  • How often do you cut your hair? 
  • What products do you currently use on your hair? 
  • Do you have any scalp or skin sensitivities?

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Find Out What Your Client Loves About Their Hair

During the consultation, it’s a good idea to ask the client what they love about their hair. You can tell what the client is attached to or isn’t, which will give you a better idea of how you can style or color their hair. For example, if the client has a fear of her hair being short, you want to make sure you go easy on the trim. Knowing what’s most important to your client can save a stylist from making mistakes that may cost them business. 

Share Your Ideas, Creativity, and Expertise 

Clients come to you for a reason! They trust your ability and love your work. While it’s critical to listen to your client’s wants and needs, it’s also valuable to have a stylist who can share their expertise and ideas. If you feel that a style the client wants to go for won’t look good or be flattering, you can always recommend a different approach that tailors the style to them more. If your client isn’t receptive, you can go full steam ahead with their ideas. 

Prepare Your Clients for Service 

After exchanging ideas and determining how you will proceed, prepare your client for service by telling them how much time you anticipate this to take, as well as sharing where the bathroom is and how they can access refreshments or snacks. 

A consultation with a client is your first impression, which is why this process needs to be thoughtful and attentive. If you apply these approaches to your next consultation, you’re going to see a client who is trusting and excited about making you their new stylist. 9 Tips for a Successful Salon Client Consultation

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