3 Ways to Avoid Taking Healthy Living to an Unhealthy Extreme
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3 Ways to Avoid Taking Healthy Living to an Unhealthy Extreme

3 Ways to Avoid Taking Healthy Living to an Unhealthy Extreme

Extremes are always bad. This is a challenging idea to fully take on board. After all, if being ethical is a good thing, how can being extremely ethical be a bad thing? The problem is not with ethics, but with extremes. Taken to extremes, a good thing becomes a vice. Vices are never good. One reason for this is that a vice is not something over which you have complete control. When something controls you instead of the other way around, bad things are bound to happen, even if that something is health.

It is important that social creatures have balance in their lives. Too much dieting leads to malnutrition. Too much exercise leads to damaged joints and muscles. Extreme focus on health can also have social implications. You will never be able to eat out or have food-based social interactions if your dietary restrictions are too strict. You will not have casual time to spend with your family if all your time is spent working on your fitness. Moreover, you will make the lives of the people around you miserable. There is a healthy middle between extreme health and ill-health. Here are a few healthy ways to get there:

Healthy Desserts 

Let’s start with pumpkin cobbler. As you might have guessed, pumpkin is a surprisingly healthy food. It can be eaten as a sweet or a savory dish. As with any food, the health benefits vary based on how you prepare it. So be sure to look for healthy preparations to get the most out of it. You will easily forget that you are eating something healthy when it tastes so good. It is okay to indulge in that pumpkin spice latte from time to time. 

Impressive health benefits of pumpkin include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Can help with boosting the immune system
  • Has many nutrients and a low calorie count

Pumpkin is not the only healthy indulgence you can have. The point is to take a break from the extreme focus on health without actually doing something unhealthy. Set aside one day a week as the day you indulge in something just for the sheer pleasure of it. Have a big slice of cake. Just make it carrot cake. Will you be taking on a little more sugar than usual? Of course. But the balance will help keep you from craving and binging. A little balance in your healthy eating can go a long way.

A Lazy Day

There are plenty of gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Perhaps the best gift you can give yourself is a day off from being a fitness enthusiast. Take a lazy day and shed the guilt, not just the pounds. It is okay to take a day or two and not repeat the unhealthy mantra of no pain, no gain. It is okay to do your workouts 3 days a week. It is not particularly good for the body to do athletic quality workouts everyday. 

You need to give your body a chance to cool down and heal from punishing workouts. You also need to rethink the idea of punishing workouts. You can get fitness gain without masochistic pain. As with good investing, you can take a slower and safer route. You don’t want to try to get rich in a hurry by gambling all your resources on one stock. And you don’t want to try to get fit in a day by punishing your body in unhealthy ways. Slow and steady really does win the fitness race.

Get a Social Life

One of the best ways to keep from going too crazy with one thing is to get a social life that involves lots of other people who have lots of other priorities. Not everyone is going to care about all the same things as you do. This doesn’t work if you only surround yourself with health nuts. Don’t befriend people who are committed to ill-health. Just develop balance in your community. This, in turn, will help you gain balance in your personal life.

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Give your health-focused life some balance by occasionally indulging in something you love, taking a lazy day from time to time, and allowing your social balance to inform your personal balance.

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