5 Products That Will Help You Ditch Foundation for Good

5 Products That Will Help You Ditch Foundation for Good

5 Products That Will Help You Ditch Foundation for Good



5 Products That Will Help You Ditch Foundation for Good

Think about some of the best compliments you've ever received. Sure, we all get frequent compliments on our clothes or our homes, but has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful skin? There's almost no better compliment to receive than that! We all seem obsessed with our skin, and we spend countless hours shopping for the perfect products year after year. We spend so much money on products that promise to deliver the results we're so desperately seeking – because we achieved those results, we could ditch our foundation. 

There is nothing wrong with doing a full face of makeup every day – especially if that's your thing, keep doing you! But, like many people, you may be using an excess of foundation and concealer to hide perceived blemishes in your skin. Thankfully, there are products out there that will get you to a place where you can finally stop organizing all your makeup and possibly even ditch the foundation for good if you are persistent in your use. Let's take a look at what they are.


Brightening Products 

While plenty of products on the market promise to even skin tone, brightening products are among the best. Vitamin C is a great tool to brighten your skin and even help with hyperpigmentation. Look for serums and masks with Vitamin C to help revive a dull skin tone and brighten you up! Suppose you think you need a lot of help in this department. In that case, it's worth going to a medical spa or a dermatologist to get medical-grade brightening pads or creams to expedite the process of healing your complexion. 

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If you have one of those magnifying mirrors at home, follow the advice of many estheticians and donate it to Goodwill. The truth is, no one sees your skin the way those mirrors show you. But, if you have been using one, you've likely lamented over the size of your pores. One way to reduce your pore size is by using toner diligently. Many people neglect to use toners, but they make a world of difference when it comes to your skin. After washing your face in the morning and evening, use a toner first before any other products. 

Cool It Down

Another area that people neglect when they're working towards flawless skin is calming it down. Sometimes we apply too many products, and we strip our skin of the beneficial oils it needs. It's essential to use products that will cool and calm our skin. Using products like a calming face mask and moisture-rich hydrating creams, especially before bedtime, gives our skin a chance to calm down while we sleep. Especially if you're using strong products like Retinol, adding a moisture-rich cream on top will keep your skin from getting red, drying out, or flaking. 


When you ask a lot of middle-aged or older people with gorgeous skin what their secret is, you will almost hear resoundingly “retinol.” While some products are available over the counter that contain retinol, it's best to secure some from your dermatologist. Retinol helps your skin in several ways – preventing fine lines and wrinkles and banishing small blackheads and clogged pores.

You may have heard the myth that retinol can thin your skin, this isn't true. And, while you may also have heard that it's not for daily use, that too isn't true. While you want to start slowly once or twice a week, you can quickly build up to using retinol nightly. You will see significant improvement in the texture of your skin with consistent use. 

Treat Yourself to Treatments 

While this last one isn't a product per se, it's worth the investment if you've got the budget for it. Treating yourself to treatments like facials, micro-needling, or even a little Botox or filler can get you to a place where you feel more confident without makeup – though hopefully, you already do. Your esthetician can recommend what types of facials will target the areas you need help in, and these treatments will speed up the results you're seeking. Check Austin microneedling for more information about these treatments and consultations.

Having perfect skin doesn't have to be a dream, and it also doesn't have to be something you throw tons of money at. By finding the products that work for you and staying consistent with them, you will eventually get to a place where you love the skin you're in.

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