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Discover More In Store with Dove at Publix

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For as long as I can remember, we have used Dove in my family. I first tried the Dove beauty bar when I used to take my mother's as a kid. Her mother used the Dove beauty bar as well. In my family, Dove was a revolutionary beauty bar that had a formula which include 1/4 cleansing cream. It wasn't just soap. I could clean my skin and it was left feeling soft.

I have been using Dove for years and in fact I introduced my kids to it. They use it every single day as well. Dove products range from the original beauty bar to facial foam, to deodorant to shampoo. In fact they have one of my favorite campaigns ever: the Dove Self Esteem Project. Dove is asking us all to rethink beauty and to re-define what we find beautiful. Now at your local Publix store, you can Discover More In Store with Dove.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute

Publix and Dove want to help you celebrate your best beauty family secrets. Just like the story that I shared above, everyone or at least most of us has beauty advice passed down through the generations from your Mom, Grandma or Great-Grandma, right? Now you can put that beauty advice into action by visiting Publix for the best deals on Dove.

Dove4 Dove3

This Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute is exactly what I need for my hair and in fact, I absolutely love everything Dove makes for hair because it leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy. This is definitely advice that I can pass down to my children. Dove is looking for you to share the advice that has been passed down through generations on their Facebook page.

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Like the Discover More In Store Facebook Page. Make certain to take part in the Publix and beauty secrets conversation with #DiscoverMoreBeauty. As an added bonus, you might even see your great family advice being shared by the Discover More In Store Facebook page later on in the year in the form of a beauty mantra graphic. How cool is that?


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  1. Nicole Dziedzic

    I love the Dove brand body wash and the sensitive bar soap, very gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I have been using Dove products for years. They are gentle on my sensitive skin.

  3. I love Publix and I’m a big Dove user, so yes to all of this. I’ll be looking for the fine hair formulas.

  4. We don’t have Publix stores here, but I do like Dove products. I’ll have to try the hair serum, I didn’t know about that one.

  5. DC

    Dove makes some really great products. We use their soaps a lot, and we always have at least one of their shampoos/conditioners on hand.

  6. I love dove. I use their soap all the time but I haven’t branched out to many other of the products yet. I will have to check this out!

  7. We don’t have a Publix nearby, but my in laws are definitely loyal users of Dove!

  8. Dove products are some of my favorite scented products. They smell soooo good! And I love how gentle they are on my skin!

  9. Another great campaign, Love Dove products.

  10. Pam

    Dove makes such great products. Can’t wait to pick these up at Publix.l

  11. Unfortunately, the nearest Publix to us is almost a two hour drive! I did go down there and check it out though. I loved the store! I just wish it was closer!

  12. We love Dove products. My mom has been using them for as long as I can remember. I love that they dont break out my skin.

  13. Crystal

    We don’t have a Publix near us, so I’ll have pick up these Dove products elsewhere. They sound just perfect. I love the Dove soap!

  14. Curly girl here and I love that Dove is recognizing the curly girls! I am interested to see if it will work on my hair texture.

  15. I do not have a Publix store anywhere near me, but it looks like they have some great deals there though!

  16. I need to try that mask. My hair is so coarse.

  17. Ronni

    I love Dove products!
    Even more, I love their positive campaigns!

  18. I really love what Dove does for real women. I definitely will be stocking up on Dove products at Publix!

  19. Tracey

    I have very sensitive skin and have been using Dove products for years. They are my favourite brand.

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