4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children


Did you know that handwriting boosts academic performance?

Did you know that better writers make better readers?

Many, many years ago I was in Catholic school and I had a class named penmanship during K-3 grade. Every single year, we spent time perfecting our handwriting so that it was neat and legible. We practiced both printing and cursive. That is how strongly our school felt about neat penmanship.

Do you know about the importance of handwriting and its role in helping kids reach their potential? It seems that schools no longer focus or teach kids cursive so we have made it our mission to teach them at home. BIC has joined and together they want us all to Fight for Your Write. Here are some tips to inspire kids.

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children

4 Ways to Teach Children the Importance of Handwriting

1. Give the something to write about by giving writing prompts. For example:

  • a how to article
  • last vacation
  • fun story
  • family pet
  • other family members

2. Practice your signature for a passport or a bank account. Once I told my kids that they needed to get passports to travel, they began practicing their signatures.

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children3. Buy them all of the supplies they need to keep them writing. I always keep lots of notebooks and journals around the house for whenever inspiration strikes. I also buy them BIC® Mechanical Pencils.

BIC® Mechanical Pencils have been helping kids reach their potential for over 30 years. Because when kids write, things click! BIC Mechanical Pencils offer break-resistant leads and are perfect for students. These pencils support neat penmanship and gives precise, sharp and clean lines.

4. Make it easy. My kids love these custom handwriting sheets and ask for them a lot. You can create their signature and let them practice or just make sentences in cursive to practice.

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children


Visit BICFightForYourWrite.com and sign the pledge to save handwriting, then share the badge to tell your followers/fans/friends to do the same to support the cause! Plus, tell them how they can WIN a $1,200 BIC Prize Pack to help them write more at home. No Purch Nec., U.S. only, 18+. Ends 9/14/2015. For details and full rules visit www.bicfightforyourwrite.com

4 Ways to Make Handwriting Fun for Children


BIC® is having a “surprise 30th birthday” Sweepstakes on the BIC Pen Pals Facebook page. Be sure to connect with their Facebook page you don’t miss this opportunity!

You can also WIN a $1,200 BIC® Prize Pack to help encourage your kids to write more at home. There is no purchase necessary. The contest ends 9/14/2015. For all the details and full rules visit www.bicfightforyourwrite.com.

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