5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift Beall's Outlet Beauty Toys Electronics

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift

This 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift | Shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the Holidays post is sponsored by Beall's.  All thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift | Shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the Holidays

Shopping for holiday gifts is something that I feel that I do really well. I shop a lot throughout the year and I keep pretty good notes for each person on my list. I have been doing this along with a few other things for years which I believe makes me a pretty good gift giver. I take gift giving seriously and in fact, I have a closet for gifts in my home. I also have a complete gift wrapping station but that's for another post. There are a couple of strategies that I use when it comes to gift giving that I wanted to share with you as prime shopping season really begins. We have partnered with Beall's this holiday season to share our 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift along with why you need to shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the holidays.

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift

1. Take good notes.

You know that Notes app on your phone? Open it up and create a list with the top people that you shop for each year. Under each person's name, write things that you know about the person like:

  • favorite color(s)
  • favorite brands
  • sizes
  • hints they drop throughout the year
  • general notes, etc.

When I go to shop for gifts, I immediately open my notes which makes shopping easy.

2. Choose quality over quantity.

Choosing quality over quantity is a rule that I have long shopped by and one that I use even when shopping for myself. I choose items that are long lasting and from brands that I know or have heard good things about. Rather than shop by brand or price, I prefer to look at how well something is made.

3. Shop year round.

Choosing quality over quantity is a rule that I have long shopped by and one that I use even when shopping for myself. I choose items that are long lasting and from brands that I know or have heard good things about. Rather than shop by brand or price, I prefer to look at how well something is made.

4. Know where to find the best deals.

I always want to find a good deal on whatever I am buying. I do this because I want to maximize what I spend and I want to be able to spend money when I really need to or when I want to splurge on something. To get the best deals, I literally shop on my phone while I shop in store. I check prices online to make sure I'm getting the best deal. I want to make certain that I am getting the best price on everything that I buy. I also use shopping apps that offer rebates and/or cash back for purchases.

5. Shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the Holidays

We recently posted about our amazing finds at Beall's during their Baking & Roasting event in November. We were able to create an amazing Thanksgiving tablescape along with the right cookware for cooking and baking all of our holiday creations. Check it out: Shop for the Holidays at Beall’s Outlet.

Beall's has quickly become our one-stop shop for all things holiday. Why shop at multiple store when I can get everything that I need in one place? Seriously. Make Beall's your first stop for all things beauty, toys and electronics. I was thrilled to find all of my kid's requested brands and to check the majority of gifts off of my holiday shopping list.

Beauty: I was thrilled to find some of my favorite beauty brands like Chi, OPI, Beauty Blender, Redkin, Burberry, Conair, Vivitar, Bedhead, Paul Mitchell, Paris Hilton, Batiste, w7, Cleanlogic, Hershey's, The Creme Shop, Tigi and so much more. I literally found everything on my teenage daughter's Christmas list at Beall's Outlet. I am still amazed that happened! This is one of my favorite departments to shop and I just love how I can find everything from perfume and bath bombs to beauty product organization and for beauty, I highly suggest visiting at least two locations for double the amazing selection. I was able to score a few different colors by shopping two locations.

Toys: Beall's literally has toys for kids of all ages. I even found a few things I loved! Emoji nail polish, anyone? Find beloved kids brands like Melissa & Doug, Discovery Toys, Marvel, Barbie, Wilson, Russell, Disney, My Little Pony, Bratz, Nerf, Little Tikes, Baby Magic, Fisher Price, Monopoly, Rubiks Cube and more. This is the kind of department that I suggest checking back weekly to see what comes in new shipments.

Electronics: I love my electronics as does everyone in my family. There are several items that we seem to go through a lot of no matter how hard I try to keep track of these things for my entire family. It seems like I am always purchasing charging cables (I prefer those fancy braided ones because they seem to last longer for my kids), earbuds, Bluetooth speakers and headphones at least once every 2-3 months. Since those items are always on my list, I am familiar with their prices and I know which brands I prefer. At Beall's, I found brands like Polaroid, Sharper Image, iWorld, B Iconic and Core Audio. I found some really cool drones and other holiday gifts all at great prices.

See our Beall's Outlet finds {VIDEO}

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We hope you loved our 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift | Shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the Holidays #TheHolidaysWithBealls #BeallsOutlet post. Now that you know how to pick the perfect gift, go forth and shop at Beall's Outlet. Happy holidays!

What would you pick from Electronics, Beauty or Toys?

This 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gift | Shop Beauty, Toys and Electronics at Beall's for the Holidays post is sponsored by Beall's.  All thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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  1. Those are all great suggestions and it sounds like Beall’s has a nice selection. Paying attention to what a person’s favorite things are shows you put thought into your gift.

  2. Wonderful ideas! I find myself sometimes debating whether or not a gift that I buy is perfect for the person I’m buying for.

  3. kim

    I’m having to do this right now for my teenage grand daughter. She is so picky and you know teenagers. I’ll certainly keep your tips in mind.

  4. Kristi

    Great suggestions, I would be heading to the electronic area first and then check out the toy area.

  5. It’s really important that you listen and find out what they like so you can easily pick the gift they’ve always wanted. These are very good pointers for everyone!

  6. Pam Wattenbarger

    I actually went in Beall’s the other day to do some gift shopping. I found some great gifts.

  7. Rosey

    We went to Beall’s last night looking for gifts for the grown boys. I did come home with a few things!

  8. Such great tips for picking that perfect gift! I agree about choosing quality over quantity.

  9. I shop the whole year, not just during Christmas! That way I can make sure that I’m getting everyone what they like. These are great tips!

  10. These are great tips for picking the perfect gift for someone. I am horrible about figuring out what to get people, sometimes I take forever to figure something out.

  11. Thanks for the insider’s tips! I like to shop year round too. If I see something that I know a loved one is going to like, I don’t hesitate. I immediately buy it so I don’t miss out on the opportunity to do so later.

  12. Great tips! I think it is important to shop year round. I always find great gifts when I am not even looking. I will have to get to Beall’s Outlet for my last minute shopping. Looks like they have lots!

  13. Great tips. I use my notes app all the time. Whenever someone is looking at something they like Ipop it in and they are always so surprised when they open it 6 months later at christmas

  14. YES! Buy more quality gifts rather than a ton of smaller gifts. I’m all about that!

  15. That looks like a great place to score some sweet deals! They have a ton of cool stuff.

  16. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I start my Christmas shopping as early as August. It gives me ample time to shop for each and every member of my family, so by the time December rolls around, I am only shopping for small items, like stocking stuffers. Thank you for sharing your holiday shopping tips. I will bookmark this page for reference for next Christmas!

  17. These are awesome tips! Choosing the perfect gift might be challenging if you don’t know much what the person loves so taking notes is really helpful! 😀

  18. I hadn’t heard of Beal’s Outlet before, but it looks like they have some awesome gift ideas! I would love to check them out for Christmas!

  19. robin rue

    It sounds like Beall’s is THE place to shop! I can’t wait to head there to do some shopping.

  20. Shopping year round is such a great idea when it comes to getting ready for the holidays! Less hassle and less people at the stores! Plus, if you forget something you have more time to finish shopping! 

  21. Beall’s is really a great store but I don’t think we have one by me. Finding the right gift really does take research and show how much you care by remembering things.

  22. I LOVE Bealls!! It is one of the best places to shop and save! It is a great place to pick up a gift for everyone in the family! 

  23. It is really hard to go wrong with electronics. There is a lot of great stuff here!

  24. Claudia Krusch

    Picking the perfect gift for someone can be so tricky. I like to start shopping for next year on Boxing day. I find if I start right away it makes the holidays more affordable for me.

  25. Kathy

    These are some really good tips. I’m loving all these great ideas. I think electronics are always a great choice for gifts.

  26. It definitely helps when I can find a good variety beauty products for really good prices! they have some good brands at Beall’s.

  27. Amy Desrosiers

    We do not have this store, but I can appreciate your tips. I am always listening around to see what my kids like.

  28. Heather

    I love shopping at stores when I know I can cross lots off of my list at once. It looks like Beall’s has gift for everyone on my list. I tend to shop early and get most of my gifts before Thanksgiving, but I’ve still got so much to do!

  29. I am all about year-round shopping! These are awesome tips!

  30. All great pointers. I forgot about the Outlet!! I need to head to Beal’s Outlet for the last minute good buys!

  31. Love these tips! I always choose quality over quantity. It really does make a huge difference. 

  32. These are all great tips. I need to start taking notes. It will make Christmas shopping that much easier.

  33. These are really awesome tips! I am not yet done with all my Christmas shopping so I definitely need these!

  34. Jacqui Odell

    These are great tips. My favorite is number two. It’s always important to have one great gift than several not so great.

  35. lisalisa

    Great tips! I really like the shop year round, I do that a lot and it makes it so easy for me during the holidays. While everyone is out and about I already have most of everything I need by shopping year round. I must say Beall’s appears to have it all for everyone on your list!

  36. I totally agree with quality over quantity. I think it’s much better to give one thoughtful, meaningful gift than a bunch of silly gifts that don’t really match the person’s personality.

  37. I used to spend a lot of time in Florida and loved shopping at Beall’s. I can imagine that their outlet stores would be amazing. Thanks for the shopping tips. I couldn’t agree more with quality over quantity.

  38. Great tips! I especially like the tip to shop year round and the tip to take notes! I wish we had a Beals local to us – that looks like a nice store!

  39. I am so excited to check the one out that has opened near us. I hope it is like the one I remember from Florida, I loved that store! They have a little bit of everything and it’s all great prices. I just love getting gifts at places like this, less stress and everything all under one roof!

  40. Great tips! We do a lot of our shopping year round. I do love taking one day a few weeks before Christmas to complete all of my shopping so I have a good amount of time to get all of the gifts wrapped and organized with less stress. So many great items to choose from this year.

  41. I could not agree with you more when it comes to QUALITY over quantity. This is a battle my husband and I have. He wants to get them lots of things. I want deliberate smaller selections. He is finally coming over to my way to thinking. 

    And, you are so right that shopping year round helps so much. Especially when you have a lot of people to buy for. We only by for our children and grandparents, but still that is enough to make a huge dent in out account if we do not map it out wisely. 

  42. Take good notes — I’m taking them now! I was just at Wal-mart, trying to remember the few things my hubby seemed interested in and I couldn’t remember all of them. These are great ideas for gift giving!

  43. These are great tips. I always make sure I have an ear open all year long for what my family members talk about. They have no idea I’m storing away shopping information.

  44. These are such good tips, it can be so hard getting the right gifts, but making sure you shop the sales especially all year around can be a good help.

  45. Victoria Heckstall

    What a brilliant tips! This is very helpful and has a great selection! I’ll have to save this.

  46. Looks like there is a lot of variety there! What a fun place to shop!

  47. Debra Hawkins

    I agree quality after quantity is something to live by! It is so easy to buy tons of cheap presents but I would rather give something that will last!

  48. Bealls looks like a great place to shop! I am crossing my fingers that I listened well enough to everyone’s want list.

  49. These are such great gift tips. I always struggle with gift giving.

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