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Easy DIY Tile Coasters


Easy DIY Tile CoastersEasy DIY Tile Coasters

Girls night in is the perfect time to test out your craftiness. I always love a good project that really has great looking results, especially for a girls night in. Sometimes I make gifts for people and I love to create things that you might not find in every store. We had a girls night in recently and I created little kits for each person with everything they need to make these adorable and Easy DIY Tile Coasters. In fact, you could do this as a craft project with kids and easily create 1 kit for each person. We hope that you love these Easy DIY Tile Coasters.

Easy DIY Tile Coasters Orange punch and tile coasters on burlap Easy DIY Tile Coasters

You can find all sorts of fun peel and stick wall decor or even consider a stencil with paint but make certain to use something to seal it since wet drinks will be placed on these coasters. I happen to think that these Blossom Watercolor Bird Branch Peel and Stick Wall Decals would make beautiful coasters as well.

Blue and gray floral pattern decals

What do you think? The possibilities really are endless and who wouldn't love to get a set of these coasters as a gift? We are planning to make several of these this year for teacher gifts as well. What I am saying is make these coasters! AND consider making them as part of a larger gift including some of our other suggestions. These are the kinds of gifts that people will use for years to come, and they make a girls night in even more fun.

Easy DIY Tile Coasters Tile coasters with floral and dragonfly prints.Easy DIY Tile Coasters Orange punch sitting on tile coasters.Easy DIY Tile Coasters Girls Night In Project


Easy DIY Tile Coasters Peel and stick wall decals.Easy DIY Tile Coasters Peel and stick wall decals sitting on blank tiles.Directions

    1. Wipe your tiles with alcohol swabs on the shiny side and let dry completely. This removes oils and debris.
    2. Place your stickers onto your tiles as desired. You may need to cut some of the stickers to fit with scissors. Press firmly into place and smooth with your finger.
    3. Consider sealing with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer (one of my faves). I like to do this and since I really want this to be something to keep in the home for years, I sealed this set.
    4. Cut four pieces of foam about 4″ square to fit onto the bottom of your coasters. Use hot glue to affix them and press firmly. Or trace tile onto felt and cut out. Glue felt to underside of tile with hot glue. Alternately use the peel and stick cork squares. Any of the three methods work well and are crucial to these tiles not sliding around once drinks are set on them.
    5. To wrap as gift, place a four inch square of parchment paper in between each coaster and stack them on top of each other. Generously use satin red ribbon to wrap as shown below. Add one of our gorgeous Free Printable Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Gift Tags and you have yourself a fabulous gift!Easy DIY Tile Coasters Wrapped Tile Coaster Christmas Gift

We hope that you are inspired by these Easy DIY Tile Coasters. Happy crafting!
Easy DIY Tile Coasters Decals on tile coastersEasy DIY Tile Coasters Rubber mat applied to the back of the coastersEasy DIY Tile Coasters Peel and stick decals affixed on tiles.    Easy DIY Tile Coasters Glass sitting on diy tile coaster. Easy DIY Tile Coasters Pitcher and glass with coasters on burlapEasy DIY Tile Coasters Glass sitting on tile coaster.Easy DIY Tile Coasters

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  1. Rosie

    I would not have ever figured out how you did these – they came out so nice! I’d like to try this!

  2. Kim

    Everything looks easy except for the stickers. They are all grey. Your coasters show orange flowers – how did you get them to be oragne?

  3. Simi

    Cute craft! I never considered the stickers but they make a great design choice.
    I’m curious… isn’t mod podge water based? How are the coasters holding up?

    Thank you

  4. Marty Otero

    I found these exact stickers at a store called Dollar Tree. They also had some other great stickers.

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