5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

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5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

It is officially summer and I am thrilled because that means travel, camps, time with the kids, swimming plus so much more. This is always such a fun time for me and since the 21st was the longest day of the year, I spent some time that day planning some fun summer activities for my kids that include summer camp for all three kids plus a variety of outside programs.

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Growing up I went to Girl Scout camp every single summer. I really looked forward to it and I always had such an amazing time. I made friends and to this day, I still keep in touch with a few people from my childhood. My days at camp were filled with swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing, rock climbing and so much more. This was such an active and fun camp that I begged my parents to send me to every summer. I never wanted to go anywhere else.

One year at camp, I was stung by a bee during a camp ceremony as we were all sitting in wooden bleachers. It hurt a lot but the scariest part was that my ankle swelled up and I became really dizzy. I was taken to the camp infirmary and then kept there for two days until the swelling went down. I had no clue what to do and I learned right after camp that one allergy tablet would have brought the swelling down in less than an hour.

5 Summer Safety Tips for KidsSince summer also means a lot more activity and in my mind, that could potentially mean more opportunities for injuries and/or illness. As a worrying mama of three children, I want to make certain that they are also responsible for their own safety just as much as I am but even more so when they are away from home. These 5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids can help both children and adults.

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

The temperatures are rising and as camps begin, these are tips that my kids and I have to keep in mind to keep us all well during the summer months. We need to keep ourselves safe from sun exposure, heat, insect bites and more. Here are ways to keep everyone safe during the summer months and indeed all year round.

1. Keep water with you at all times.

Staying hydrated is key year round and so we always carry water bottles with us everywhere. Last week, my son went to Boy Scout camp and a camp requirement is that you must have a water bottle at all times. That is great rule and one that we also follow in our family.

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids2. Always wear sunscreen and protect yourself from bugs.

As a fair skinned woman, I always have to wear sunscreen every single day of the year. I am always protecting my skin and I tend to reapply sunscreen a lot more in the summer. Excessive sun exposure can be a big deal that can seriously impact you and your children.

3. Never stay in a hot car or leave anything/anyone in a hot car.

We all hear the horror stories and frankly that isn't always enough but leaving anything living thing in a hot car is incredibly detrimental. It never hurts to have a reminder and to be alert any time a child might be left in the car. Learn more about hot temperatures and car safety here where these simple tips can help prevent tragic vehicular heat stroke in children, and should be kept in mind any time your child is in the vehicle with you or someone else.

4. Pack a great first aid kit and keep it with you.

Insect bites can definitely slow you down. Depending on what is doing the biting, there can also be diseases and other things that can make you sick. Knowing how to choose the right repellant is just as important as knowing what to do in case of bee sting or bug bite.

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids5. Know where to go in case of emergency.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is where we head in case of emergency. A few months ago, my daughter hurt her finger while playing soccer and a quick trip to Children’s Urgent Care Center told us the soccer ball had badly sprained her wrist. They got us in and out of there plus my daughter was feeling so much better.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) is 100% committed to kids. At Children’s, their doctors, nurses and staff are specially trained to provide world-class care in more than 60 pediatric specialties to children under the age of 21. The pediatric doctors, specialists and nurses of Children’s understand that children’s medical and emotional needs are different from adults. Specialized equipment and techniques are used to provide the care kids need to thrive and get better faster, so they can go home sooner. From colorful, friendly waiting rooms to equipment that fits patients of all sizes, every detail is designed specifically for kids.

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