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Take the Biotrue Challenge

I am contact lens wearer and have been for about 15 years. Unfortunately, I also live in state where there seems to be a lot of allergy sufferers. I am one of them. 

I take pretty good care of my contact lenses. I clean them most days twice a day. Once before I put them on and then again once I take them off. On days where there are a lot of allergens in the air, I may even clean them during the middle of the day. All of this is a pain but I definitely prefer it over wearing glasses. 

On those high allergy days, I can feel my contacts towards the end of the day and I really hate that. It makes wearing contacts so uncomfortable. It also means that sometimes my contacts don't last as long as they are supposed to last and this can be costly. 

As a result, the contact lens solution that I wear has got to be the best available.

I just switched to BioTrue a few days ago because I kept finding that my eyes were really dry during the middle of the day. I have to take my contacts out, clean them and make certain that they don't get dry.


When used daily, Biotrue® multi-purpose solution dissolves protein and cleans, loosens and removes accumulations of film, debris and deposits from soft contact lenses. Biotrue® helps prevent the formation of irritating deposits on the lens surface. It kills harmful microorganisms on the lens. While your lens is soaking, the formula envelops the lens in a moisture-rich cushion to help the lens remain comfortable throughout the day.


Biotrue multi-purpose is designed to work like your eye. Biotrue® incorporates a lubricant found in your eyes, and is balanced to match the pH of healthy tears. Biotrue® cushions and rehydrates lenses for comfortable wear and provides superior disinfection to keep lenses clean. By keeping lenses hydrated and clean, Biotrue® multi-purpose solution makes wearing contact lenses comfortable all day. It’s the only contact lens solution that works like your eyes with the same pH and lubricant they have naturally. And it helps keep contacts moist for up to 20 hours so wearing lenses is easier on your eyes.

Check back with me next month where I will share my thoughts with you on BioTrue.

Switch out your solution today and see the difference yourself – take the Biotrue Challenge!

Thanks to Bausch + Lomb, one of my readers could be one (1) of ten (10) exclusive winners of a 1-year supply of Biotrue® multi-purpose contact lens solution! Share with us below the changes you're making to be more comfortable at the end of day!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bausch & Lomb. The opinions and text are all mine. Bausch + Lomb BlogFrog Biotrue Challenge Sweepstakes Rules.

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