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Wordless Wednesdays – My Tiger Cub

The second that I saw him I burst out into tears (I am even in tears while posting this). It didn't help that it was in carpool. I was totally, unabashedly crying. I think that I freaked the carpool lady out a bit.

He looked so grown up and so handsome (yeah, yeah I know everyone thinks that their own kids are the cutest in the world). I feel him pulling away and I so desperately want to hold on. But I don't.

I am so unbelievably proud of my son.

Tiger Cub Scout Huntly

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  1. FutureMama

    Awww, I love reading posts from proud moms! How adorable is this picture! LOVE it! Happy WW!

  2. Sara Bonds

    He is so cute! I can see how he looks all grown up to you in that uniform.

  3. Awww, your big, big boy! Proud mommy tears. Hugs to you.

  4. Rob

    Very handsome young man!

    Happy WW!

  5. He looks so cute in it …can’t wait to do stuff like that with my little ones !

  6. He’s adorable. The first time I saw my son in his uniform, I almost cried. I was so proud of him.

  7. First of all, he is adorable. Second, I know exactly how you feel. My baby started flag football on Monday and I can’t help but feel like they are starting to not need me anymore (good and sad at the same time). Happy WW

  8. Awww! What a big boy!
    Happy WW!

  9. So handsome! I can’t stand watching my little boys grow up either. It’s killing me. ((hugs))

  10. I had one go through the tiger, cub scout, boy scout years and he SHOULD be proud! 🙂

  11. cat

    Oh gosh, that is just adorable.

  12. Oh, handsome little cub you have there! 😉

  13. Tara

    what a sweetheart! I can totally relate 🙂

  14. Cortney @ evanhaslanded

    My oldest is only 2 and half and I cry over every new accomplishment. I can’t wait to see how I am when my boys get older. It’s okay to cry, a little embarrassing, but okay none the less :-). At least my kids will know how proud of them I am!

  15. Sarah

    So sweet. My oldest is only three and I’m already having those moments. It’s hard being a mom! Wish they could stay small just a little longer.

  16. You have every right to think he is the cutest in the world. He is such a cutie! Love the tiny uniform!

  17. Aww, my little boy just started this year. He hasn’t gotten his duds yet though! You’ve got a handsome boy!

  18. He is the cutest ever. You have every right to be proud. What a precious young man you have there 🙂

  19. Aww, so cute! Brings back memories of when my brother was a Cub Scout. 🙂

  20. He is so handsome! Why do they have to look all grown up so fast?

  21. AWWW he looks so handsome in his uniform… Why do they grow in the blink of an eye….

  22. my boy loved scouts he looks very handsome in his uniform

  23. He is so handsome! And I can totally relate to how you feel. Lily is growing up way too fast!

  24. Maria @ Conversations with Moms

    I understand your pride. He is adorable with a cute smile.

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