30 Fabulous Fall Kids Crafts

30 Fabulous Fall Kids Crafts

30 Fabulous fall kids crafts

Fall around here means a lot of rainy days plus some cold weather but not  much. However, there are a lot of days when we end up inside because of a variety of reasons.

When that happens, we like to do crafts. My kid are pretty crafty and have picked all kinds of things to do. The crafts on this list represent a variety of ideas for a range of ages.

Check it out:

  1. Fall Tree Craft– A super cute tree made with recycled puzzle pieces
  2. Fall Wreath Paper Craft for Kids (pictured in collage)
  3. Edible Pumpkin Playdough Recipe (pictured in collage)
  4. Fall Fingerprint Tree Craft
  5. Patchwork Acorn
  6. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets (pictured in collage)
  7. Glove Turkey (pictured in collage)
  8. Little Apple Yarn Favors
  9. Candy Corn Marshmallow People
  10. baby barn owl pendant
  11. Thanksgiving Turkey Place Cards
  12. Leaf Printed Autumn Banner
  13. Peanut Butter Toilet Paper Tube bird feeder (pictured in collage)
  14. Apple Stamping (pictured in collage)
  15. Fall Leaves Candle Jar
  16. Fall Nature Painting – Toddler Activity (pictured in collage)
  17. Fruit Loops Collage
  18. Paper Bag Scarecrow
  19. Scribble Lantern
  20. Paper Pumpkin Ornaments
  21. Fall Stained Glass
  22. Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys
  23. Autumn Placemat
  24. Big Leaf Printing
  25. Salt Dough Leaf Prints
  26. Autumn Paper Pulp Branch
  27. Fall Leaf Stones to Use as Paperweights or Decorations
  28. Salt Dough Autumn Leaves
  29. Paper Indian Corn
  30. Autumn mobile

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  1. Thanks so much for including my glove turkey and leaf puppets!

  2. ang

    Thanks for including my bird feeder peanut butter tubes!

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