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3 Vacation Destinations for You and Your Service Animal


3 Vacation Destinations for You and Your Service Animal

Service dogs are indispensable companions for thousands of Americans nationwide. These capable canines help with everything from crossing the street to detecting certain food ingredients that could cause allergic reactions. They are life-saving partners for people with disabilities. 

Of course, life exists outside work and home. If you're going on a vacation with your service dog, the good news is there are plenty of welcoming places. Find the three best vacation destinations for service dogs below!

Before You Travel

As a person with a disability, you have the right to accommodations. But that doesn't mean that the providers along your journey will be the most considerate or accommodating. You'll have to prepare in advance.

One of the challenges is flying with a large service dog. ADA guidelines state that airlines must accommodate service dogs, distinguishing them from emotional support animals. Still, not all airlines want larger animals in the cabin, and some may charge additional fees. 

Flying is certainly possible with a service dog, and, in many ways, flying can be easier than driving. You just have to consider which transportation mode is most amenable to your situation and your canine companion. With that squared away, you're ready to embark on the vacation of a lifetime.

1. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has over 150 dog-friendly restaurants. Even though you can legally enter restaurants with a service dog, canine-friendly establishments are more welcoming. The compassionate staff is less likely to bother customers who need their animal friends. 

Jacksonville is a southern city with the charms people associate with the south while also having plenty of modern attitude and style. The city has resources that can help dog owners, and its proximity to the beach makes it a fun destination for the whole family. 

2. Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona is a great vacation state for snowbirds. The stunning vistas and warmth of the state make it a fun, often affordable destination. If you're eager to take a break from the winter but lack the funds to go abroad, book a flight to Scottsdale. 

The warmth of this hot destination is only matched by its pet friendliness. The city has hundreds of days of warm weather, dozens of pet-friendly hotels, and multiple parks for canines. 

If you need a winter destination vacation, consider Scottsdale! 

3. Lake Placid, New York

If you prefer to avoid the heat, humid or arid, then upstate New York may be calling your name. A five-hour drive from NYC brings you into the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Here, you can relish in the colors of the changing leaves and recuperate on the beaches of beautiful Lake Placid.

The place has become a romantic getaway for dogs of all types, not just service dogs. Many shops welcome dogs. Even though your service dog has rights under the ADA, it's still nice for them to be able to socialize. In Lake Placid, they can go shopping with you or go for a long drive up Whiteface Mountain. 


As you can see, there is a range of stunning locales that welcome tourists and their furry friends. Planning a vacation with a service dog doesn't have to be difficult. Think of these vacation destinations the next time you need a getaway. 

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