12 Tips & Tricks For the Everyday Photographer

12 Tips & Tricks For the Everyday Photographer

12 Tips & Tricks for the Everyday Photographer

I am trying to take better photographs. I have this amazing camera (Canon 5D) and there are so many things that it is capable of doing but I am not yet of capable of doing. I promised myself that this year I would take the time and really learn what I need to know to produce beautiful photos.
Here are 12 tips and tricks for the everyday photographer (ME!). Let me know if you have a post that you want to add by leaving the link in the comments.
Photography for Beginners: Manual Mode 
DIY Photographer's Lightbox
5 Tips for Photographing Beauty Products
Mastering Composition 
Mastering Light
Mastering Photo Editing 
Improve Your Photos for Under $10 
10 Tips for Taking Action Shots of Children  
How To Take Pictures at Sunset 
Blog Photography Tips & Tricks 
Newborn Photography Tips 
Photographing Fireworks 

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  1. Christina Marie

    I can’t even operate my simple digital camera yet, so I could use a few pointers. Thanks for sharing!

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