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Jobs to Help You See the World

Jobs to Help You See the World

You may not want to be stuck inside all day at a typical 9-5 job. Fortunately, there are quite a few different careers that will allow you to see the world while still making money. These are some of the different jobs that you can take if you want to travel. We hope that you enjoy these Jobs to Help You See the World. 

Jobs to Help You See the World

Jobs to Help You See the World

Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a field that’s always in demand, then wedding photography is a great choice. You can often travel to different destinations to take photographs of the engaged couple. It’s not uncommon for clients to pay for part (or all) of the photographer's airfare and accommodations. While you may be busy during the days leading up to the wedding and the actual wedding day, you will also have plenty of time to explore the destination as well. If you want to become a wedding photographer, you can take classes to sharpen your photography skills, but many photographers are self-taught. This may be the perfect career choice for you if you pay attention to detail and don’t mind situations that can be very stressful plus you want to be a digital nomad.

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Truck Driver

Many individuals are leaving their careers to pursue opportunities as truck drivers. This is because this field pays well, you have a lot of freedom, and you can see the country. To work successfully as a truck driver, you will need to be a safe driver, and you should be able to manage your time well. To have more freedom to travel, you may need to purchase your truck; however, you can probably find a Freightliner, Kenworth, or Peterbilt for sale for a reasonable price. There is always a need for truck drivers, and this career offers a lot of job security.

Flight Attendant

If you want to visit a lot of different cities without having to pay for your airfare, a career as a flight attendant may be the perfect fit. You may be able to travel either domestically or internationally. While you will need to do some work during your time on the airplane, you will also be able to explore your destination once your flight is over. Flight attendants need to be good with people, pay attention to detail, be able to stand for long periods, and be physically able to help passengers put their luggage in bins overhead. The work can be difficult, but the benefits tend to make it worth it. The pay is usually decent, and flight attendants can take advantage of free flights for themselves and family members during their downtime.

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Cruise Ship Employee

There are all sorts of jobs available for those who want to work on a cruise ship. You can be an entertainer, server, cashier, or chef, to name a few. You’ll enjoy free room and board while you are on the ship, and you’ll get paid as well. You can take advantage of the ship’s amenities when you aren’t working and may even be able to do some exploring at certain destinations. This is a great job for those who like to get to know people from a variety of different cultures and enjoy helping others despite sometimes long working hours.


Many families need a nanny who can travel and this fits perfectly with the digital nomad lifestyle. This can include traveling from city to city in the United States or even traveling abroad. Many nanny positions will require that you live with the family, but you will get a salary and won’t have to pay for room and board. Successful nannies tend to be very good with children of all ages, have a lot of patience, and can act fast even in difficult situations.

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English Teacher

Many countries are looking for English teachers for short-term contracts. If you are comfortable working with children and are fluent in English, this may be the perfect job for you. Once your contract is over, you may be able to stay in the country by signing another short-term contract, or you can move on to a different country. China, South Korea, and Japan often are looking for English teachers consistently. If you want to become an English teacher abroad, you should have some teaching experience and may even be required to have a college degree for some teaching positions. 

If you're ready to pursue a career that will allow you to travel, you do have a lot of different options. All of the jobs mentioned above allow you to travel to a variety of different destinations. It may take some time to get the education or experience you need to get this type of job, but it will be well worth it as you will be able to see the world upon gaining employment. We hope that you are inspired by this Jobs to Help You See the World post. Happy travels. 

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