10 Uses for Toothpaste Besides Brushing Your Teeth

10 Uses for Toothpaste Besides Brushing Your Teeth


Creative Uses for Toothpaste Beyond Brushing


Toothpaste isn't limited to dental care—it boasts a spectrum of surprising applications! From sanitizing household items to calming minor skin irritations, toothpaste's adaptability exceeds oral hygiene. Explore creative methods to integrate toothpaste into your everyday regimen for practical advantages and benefits. 10 Uses for Toothpaste

Cleaning stains with toothpaste Removing crayon marks with toothpaste Clearing foggy goggles with toothpaste


Absolutely, toothpaste has surprising uses beyond dental care. Here are 10 creative ways to utilize toothpaste beyond brushing for a variety of everyday tasks and benefits.

10 Uses for Toothpaste:

1. Fix media discs.

You can fix skips on DVDs and Cds with toothpaste by gently applying it in a circular motion with a soft, dry cloth and wiping off with a a clean dry cloth.

2. Fix your white shoes and remove the scuffs. 

Gently use an old tooth brush with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the scuffs. Allow to dry and wipe off with a dry cloth.

3. Polish your sterling silver jewelry.

A little toothpaste on a diamond will make it glean again just like it does for your teeth. Rinse off with warm water. Incidentally I saw this tip on Dr. Oz while I was away on a trip. I had a necklace that needed a little sterling cleaner. I went right into the bathroom after seeing the method on tv and I cleaned the necklace right up. It was sparkiling.

4. Get rid of odors in plastic food storage tubs.

Just use a tooth brush to clean these out and the toothpaste will abolish bad smells just like it rids you of bad breath.

5. Save your clothes. use of Toothpaste

Use a tooth brush and some toothpaste to clean out tough stains like ink, lipstick and grape juice. Rub the fabric together after you scrub and rinse with cool water. You may need to repeat this a couple times, but it will get out eventually.

6. Get rid of the onion smell.

Do you have onion or garlic stench on your hands from cooking? Use gel toothpaste like a soap and your hands will smell fresh again. I use this all of the time as we cook daily in our house.

7. Fill holes in the wall.

If you have drywall and you made holes in your wall for nails, you can fill them in with toothpaste. Just put some on your thumb and rub in. When it dries, you can simply sand and paint over it. This is a renter’s best kept secret.

8. Whiten your grout.

Simply add a small amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush and start scrubbing.

9. Clean crayon or oil paint off walls.

Using an old tooth brush and a small amount of toothpaste directly on the wall will clear it up with a little elbow grease. Wipe your walls clean with a damp cloth afterwards.

10. Get the fog out of goggles.

Tired of getting fogged up goggles when you swim? Try rubbing some toothpaste on them and wiping off. This also works on bathroom mirrors.

***For this post, the toothpaste that is being referred to is generally plain white paste without baking soda, unless noted.***

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