Clever Home Upgrades to Add This Spring
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Clever Home Upgrades to Add This Spring

Clever Home Upgrades to Add This Spring


Clever Home Upgrades to Add This Spring

Homeowners always have another idea in mind for their houses. While you might not have the budget to add another wing to your home or install a heated pool, other projects can transform your daily life. Check out these clever home upgrades to add this spring and you’ll find the inspiration you need to make your home even better.

1. A Cabinet Door Fridge

Your fridge is an essential part of your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an eyesore. Metal fridge doors and glowing buttons could distract from the dreamy countertops and backsplash you bought when you moved in.

Paneling your fridge is one of the best home upgrades to add this spring. It’s easy to finish and simple to match to your existing cabinetry. Your refrigerator will blend into the rest of your kitchen and become easier to clean because you can use any cleaning solution on the panels.

2. Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is an essential component of your home and your health. Think about what your carpet covers or what’s underneath your vinyl planks. Concrete is often the base underneath flooring materials, but the hard surface can cause plantar fasciitis early in life by wearing on the tissue on the bottom of your feet.

Upgrading to cushioned vinyl flooring or cork makes it easier on your body. Your home will also become a better choice for a wider range of people if you ever need to move. Older individuals will find it more appealing because it can support their joints and bones.

3. A Rain Barrel

Spring weather patterns cause more rain showers than any other time of the year. Even if you live in a dry climate, you’ll likely take shelter from a few thunderstorms before summer arrives. Install a rain barrel in your backyard to catch the droplets. It’ll blend in with your siding and provide fresh water for your gardening or drinking needs.

4. An Undercover Hand Sanitizer Machine  

Although flu season infamously reaches its peak during the winter holidays, viruses can remain a local health threat long into the spring. No one likes seeing awkward hand sanitizer bottles with bright labels sitting around their home. It makes the environment feel more like a doctor’s office than a home.

If you still want your family to access hand sanitizer whenever they need it, an undercover machine could be perfect for your household. There are many available that look like lamps, even when attached to a wall. Don’t worry about refills either. This spring upgrade lasts for over 1,000 applications between refills. You can enjoy your spring activities without worrying about an upgrade requiring more of your time and energy.

5. Stove Gap Covers

It’s always frustrating when food falls between your stove and your countertop. It means you have to fish out the mess before cockroaches or ants move in to find it. Gap covers fit easily in the empty space that causes so many problems. Find a model that matches your appliances or countertop and you’ll never even notice that it’s waiting to save the day while you’re making spring recipes.

6. Under-the-Cabinet Outlets

There’s nothing quite as lovely as a clean kitchen. An empty sink and clean countertops are a sight to behold, but not if there’s a mess of charging cords jutting from your electrical outlets. Adding under-the-cabinet outlets is one of the most clever home upgrades to add this spring. You’ll get an uninterrupted backsplash and hidden outlets that require clean countertops between charging. 

7. Collapsible Drying Racks

If you have empty wall space above your laundry appliances, think about adding a cabinet that contains a collapsible drying rack. During the spring, the last thing you want in your home is extra hot air from your dryer. Extending a new drying rack and letting everything air dry will keep your home cool and your electric bill at a manageable level.

8. A Cushioned Window Seat

When the first raindrops in a spring shower tap along your roof, do you want to curl up with a good book and turn the rain into a background ambiance? A cushioned window seat will help you do just that. All you have to do is pick a comfortable design and get the necessary tools to complete the job.

Window seats also have the added benefit of extra storage. Depending on your seat’s design, it could feature a liftable cushion that opens into an empty box. Use it to hold the seasonal decor you won’t need until later in the year or heavy throw blankets that no one will need during the hot summer weather.

Consider Clever Home Upgrades

Now that you’ve read about a few clever home upgrades to add this spring, think about what you and your home need. Adding a simple appliance like a hidden hand sanitizer dispenser or a sustainable project like a rain barrel could be the best way to spend your time and energy before summer arrives.

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