10 Ordinary Household Things Turned Extraordinary

10 Ordinary Household Things Turned Extraordinary

10 Ordinary Things Turned Extraordinary

Household items may seem boring and seem like they have only one purpose or maybe no purpose at all, but what I am here to tell you today is that these 10 household items come with some extraordinary ways to use and re-purpose them in your house instead of discarding them or buying other pricier items.

1. Vinegar and Newspaper — Window Cleaner

When you clean your windows use a vinegar and water solution because it cuts the grease on the glass real well and wipe them dry with crunched up newspaper. The (I believe it is glycerine) used to make the ink will really make your windows sparkle!

2. Olive Oil — Lubricant

Apply olive oil to squeaky hinges instead of buying WD-40. Save a llittle money by using something you already have at home!

3. Mayonnaise and Eggs — Hair Conditioner

Mix together a mixture of mayonnaise and eggs to make your own homemade hair conditioner. Rub onto hair and let sit for 2-5 minutes before rinsing from your hair.

4. Lemon Juice — Cleanser

Rid your hands of the smell of seafood by rubbing a little bit of lemon juice on yoru hands. And voila! No more seafood smell.

5. Vinegar and Dish Soap — Weed Killer

Mix one quart of vinegar with two tablespoons of dish soap, spray it on your weeds and they will turn brown in a matter of hours!

6. Cayenne Pepper — Antibacterial

Clean up your cuts by sprinkling a little bit of cayenne pepper on them. You would think it would burn, but it doesn't! The wounds will heal faster and it will kill any bacteria in them.

7. Toothpaste — Burn Cream

Apply toothpaste onto minor burns to pull the heat out and instantly cool the burning sensation that you feel.

8. Honey — Cough and Cold Medicine

Add honey into foods and drinks (like teas) to help relieve sore throats and squelch flem. One great thing is that Honey never goes bad! If it gets hard just heat it up and you are ready to use it!

9. Active Charcoal — Diarrhea Reliever

You can find active charcoal at your local pharmacy and this is what you can use as a more natural diarrhea reliever than the mass produced medication out there.

10. Borax and Coconut or Vegetable Oil — Goo Gone

Mix a two to one ratio of Borax to coconut or vegetable oil and make a paste that can be rubbed onto the sticky mess. Best if you use an abrasive material to apply it with like some kitchen sponges.

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  1. Cynthia R

    i’ve heard about the newspaper, I use vinegar for a lot of my cleaning. Thanks!

  2. Patty White

    How wonderful!! And I never knew cayenne pepper could be used as antibacterial cleaner!!

  3. Bias

    This is great. I have been looking for safe alternatives to use around the house. I am definitely on top of the weed killer recipe. With the dogs and the way they like to eat the grass, that’s essential. Have you ever heard of Absorbine Jr? I use that on sunburn/burns. It’s a miracle worker.

  4. Lynne B

    I’ve tried the two vinegar hacks. Newspaper and vinegar really does an amazing job on dirty windows.

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