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4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation

4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation

Winter is such an amazing time of year! Areas of the country are covered with snow, the holidays are in full swing and for the most part people are just happier. Winter time is also the perfect time to take a vacation to a ski resort! I looked into the prices of a ski resort vacation and was shocked by how expensive a ski trip is. Travel costs, lodging, lift tickets and winter gear are just some of the things that you have to consider when planning your winter vacation! I was determined to find ways to save on a winter vacation so I started looking into ways to save. I have complied a pretty good list and wanted to share. We hope that you love these 4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation.

Choose the Unpopular Spot

Now this might not sound like the best idea, but it can save you money! Some ski resorts get very crowded based off their name. Popular ski resorts can charge their guests a lot more money since they are so popular. Try looking into ski resorts that aren't as well-known because these resorts will have cheaper lodging and usually lower priced lift tickets as well.

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Buy Used

If you don't already own winter gear, don't go out and buy it brand new. Spend some time looking on Craigslist, second-hand stores and at online stores. There are plenty of ways to find discounted winter gear! Remember you are only going to use your winter gear a few times each winter season so no reason to spend a lot of money.

4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation

Discounted Lift Tickets

Costco, AAA, grocery stores and even fast food restaurants often have discounted lift tickets. This is an excellent way to save on your lift tickets, since this is one of those items you need if you planning on skiing. Make sure to look for lift ticket packages as some will give you discounts on food or lodging.

Try Staying Places Besides Resorts

Resorts are fun for skiing and snowboarding but can be expensive for lodging. If you are going to a ski resort with a group of friends or family it might be more affordable to rent a cabin. Most winter destinations have a lot of cabins near the slopes. Take some time to look on Craigslist for cabin rentals. You will probably find a cabin rental to be a better price option, not to mention you will have the luxury of a full kitchen. Having a full kitchen will give you the option of cooking some of your meals, which is another great way to save money. We hope that you are inspired by these 4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation. Happy travels!

4 Tips to Save on a Ski Vacation

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  1. robin rue

    We have a place up in NH, so we have skis that we leave up there. I am excited for the winter.

  2. I’d want to consider trying out a less popular spot for sure. I’d still be relearning a lot of my skiing skills so a less expensive resort would be fine.

  3. It’s been so long since the kids and I went on a ski trip. We always prefer going to sunny places and them parks. I think these are great tips!

  4. A ski trip sounds so nice and I would love to go on one! I think these are really helpful tips for people who are going on a ski trip for the first time or those who would like a much better experience.

  5. I would love to go on a ski trip! I have never been and I really appreciate all of these tips that you shared.

  6. Pam

    These are great tips. I need to share them with my niece who loves ski vacations.

  7. Very good tips! I haven’t gone skiing since my single days. We are thinking of going to NC this year. The cabin recommendation sounds great, especially that we can cook!

  8. brianne

    These are great tips! My family loves to ski and cannot wait to hit the slopes! 

  9. I have always wanted to go on a ski trip. Never thought we would be able to afford one but this is awesome and definitely sounds doable!

  10. We have a small ski place about an hour from my house that is thankfully very affordable. As much as I hate the snow and cold, I will always say yes to a ski day!

  11. Great tips! We have been thinking about taking a ski trip this year, and this is helpful! My family would love to go on a ski trip.

  12. These are some great tips! I’ve been wanting to plan a ski trip vacation with my family for years. I will certainly keep all of your advice on hamd for whem I begin planning.

  13. These are really great tips for a ski vacation! I think we can use these this winter! 😀

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