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Wordless Wednesday – Our New Pet, Majestic the Turtle

He came into our house just a few short weeks ago. Majestic is a Red-Eared Slider. My son is already in love.

Did you know turtles can live 40-50 years? Yeah I didn't either.

I told my son that it was very likely that his grandchildren would be enjoying this turtle as well.

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62 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. what a cute little guy! I hope he’s around for years to come!

  2. how precious. lovely lines and textures.

  3. So fun! I just keep thinking of the turtle in Finding Nemo being 150 years old 😛 I’m so happy for you and your family that you have a new little member that will be sticking around for quite a while!

  4. Bella

    Turtles are the best! So sweet. Had no idea they lived to be so old…good to know, won’t leave the child traumatized like some fish that pass in a few weeks…

  5. Awww, I had a red ear slider when I was in high school. I loved him!

  6. He is cute! I had a pair like him as a child… they did not last very long. 🙁

  7. Turtles are so cool! I remember my brother having a couple when we were younger.

  8. We had a pet turtle once. Neat photos.

  9. How neat! And I didn’t know they live that long, pretty awesome!

  10. I cannot believe how perfect his stripes are on his face. Crazy! and no I had no idea turtles could live that long!

  11. Love the turtle! They are so fun to have. Thanks for sharing.

  12. My granddaughter wants one of those so bad, but the cheapest one I found in my neighborhood is like fifty bucks! OUCH!

  13. Jen

    Wow – that’s a long time! Talk about commitment! I wonder if you can send the turtle to college with your kiddo 🙂

  14. That’s cute! I think they grow their entire life also. Do you know how big he will get?

  15. I’ve had one of those before. He didn’t make it.

    Ohhh I just saw your Moe’s button. I LOVE Moe’s!

  16. Christy Ann

    50 years is a looong time! Wow!

  17. Majestic is a great name for the little guy. How bizarre that he will probably be around to play with your great-grandchildren!

  18. Love it!! What a cool pet. Are they pretty low maintenance? I bet our boys would love that – and I could tolerate it much better than a lizard or snake! 🙂

  19. Beth

    What a great pet! (I am so not getting one though so can my kids come visit to play with yours? =P)

  20. Awesome! We have two turtles at our house. The girls love them.

  21. He’s adorable! My daughter would LOVE him too!

  22. Kathy

    What a handsome turtle!

  23. Tami

    I love turtles…we have two ourselves and yep they can live for many many years. 🙂

    Thanks for the linky.

  24. Ooh, I just love turtles, he’s really cute and looks like he has some personality! How fun!

  25. I love the patterns on the turtles head and neck, very cool!

  26. That’s a LOOOONG time for a pet to live, I had not idea they could live that long. Looks like a fun new pet!

  27. Dee

    What an adorable little turtle!!

  28. Jessica

    Ahhh! That is a long time! lol

  29. How cool! I never knew turtle lived that long!

  30. He’s awesome! I think a turtle would be a great pet.

  31. Kelly

    I so want to get a turtle for my little guy when he’s older. I didn’t know they lived so long.

  32. Turtles are supposed to be great pets! Just make sure you wash your hands after handling him 🙂

    I would love to get a desert tortise for my backyard – they’re so cute (and also live a long time, ha ha)

  33. He’s cute. I think I could handle a turtle as a pet. Are they messy to clean up after?

  34. shelly peterson

    How awesome! he is adorable! I would never have thought about getting a turtle as a pet. and wow they live that long? I didn’t realize that either. Good luck with the new pet/family member, hope your enjoying him. : )

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