My full time job is as a wife and mother. Although I spend a lot of time with those duties (they are neverending, right?) I am also a social media consultant. I work with many different companies on a regular basis. Some are ongoing clients. Others just need my help briefly. But they are all important because this business is something that supports my family.

I am constantly working from my Windows phone. I contact bloggers. I contact clients. I manage multiple projects from start to finish on an ongoing basis. All from my phone.

There are so many things in social media that I do on a daily basis. For myself as mother, as a blogger and as a social media consultant.

Since I rely so heavily on my phone, I also need apps that will perform for me as well. I attend anywhere from 8-10 conferences per year and I don't bring my computer with me along to the conference. I use my phone 100% to conduct all of my business.


I Tweet multiple times on a daily basis. This is mostly business related but I also have conversations on Twitter with people. Conversations can last minutes or days and almost always ongoing. I have to be able to check Twitter on my phone. I love to share information about what I am learning at conferences with my readers and I love to see their responses. We often carry on conversations about the information that I am sending out.

I post to Facebook for clients, for my blog and for my family & friends. For clients, I might be recruiting bloggers or sharing information about their latest promotion. For my friends and family, I might comment on their status updates or pictures or even post some pictures myself. Facebook has to be fast and this is mainly something that I do from my phone.


I use EverNote constantly. I can share TO-DO lists with other bloggers that I work on projects with. I share lists with clients about initiatives that we need to work on next. I have ongoing list that I share with my husband about grocery shopping and another list of projects that we need to complete around our house.


The recently debuted AboutOne app is definitely worth a closer look and even a download to your phone.

“AboutOne’s online family organizer enhances your existing calendar (coming soon) and contacts tools with online filing and reporting to automatically organize, store, and share family memories and household paperwork. This is the “go to” place to keep your family running smoothly.”

AboutOne helps you get your family organized, eliminate paper clutter and manage your entire life on-the-go. You can set up email alerts for birthdays, appointments, medication and more. The best part is that you can put whatever you want in your virtual filing cabinet and your data is safe, secure in this user friendly app.

Who couldn't use a family organizer? As someone who is paperwork challenged, I have often longed for the day where everything could be stored electronically in one place. I need this app!

The reason I love my phone so much is because years ago, this might have meant hours at my computer, but being able to do this with a Smart Phone has made me infinitely more productive and, honestly, more present as a mother. I love that. And so do my children.

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Brought to you by the new AT&T Nokia Lumia 900.
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