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My Wish for My Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

To me, a large part of the holidays are about giving back. In my family, we have some traditions related to giving back that we do every year. This year, my Wish For Others and especially my family is that we give more than we ever have before. Here a few easy ways to give back during the holidays that we do each year:

1. Go through old toys and donate them.

My children know that Santa will be bringing presents so they love to go through old toys with the hopes that some child will love that toy like they did. My kids are really great about going through their toys and they get very excited about the possibilities.

2. Donate books and magazines.

I have several magazine subscriptions and when I am done reading the magazine, we try to donate them to the local children's hospital. We remove our address and then ask them to give to parents who are in need of something to read. We do this with books as well.

3. Give food.

Everytime there is a canned food drive at school or in our local communtiy, my kids get involved. They have asked family and neighbors to donate cans for those who are hungry.

4. Give time.

Give some of your time. We have packed boxes of food at our local food bank. We have also served food at a soup kitchen. Every hour helps.

5. Give money.

When people ask for money during the holidays (for charity reasons) I am much more likely to give. My kids do this as well.


We all know that giving to others feels great, whether you’re donating to a nonprofit, volunteering at a food bank or doing something nice for a loved one. To celebrate that spirit of giving and make the holidays a little brighter this year, Capital One wants to hear about your Wish For Others. Share your wish for someone else – a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a community.


Through a campaign called “#WishForOthers,” Capital One is hoping to help make the holidays a little brighter this year by helping to share and grant people’s wish for others:

Share your wish for someone else – a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a community — with #WishForOthers on Twitter, Instagram, or the Capital One Facebook page from Nov. 24 through Dec. 23 for a chance to make it come true.


Join the conversation with the #WishForOthers hashtag

Visit the Capital One Facebook page

Tweet with Capital One on Twitter

Check out the Wish for Others website ( to learn more information.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    My wish for others would be that no one would go hungry this Christmas. Or anytime, really.

  2. I’m big on donating canned food. I have some toys to give away this year. I hope it helps make someone’s holiday better!

  3. My wish for everyone would just be that everyone had a warm place to be this holiday with warm food and finally!

  4. Pam

    We always try to give to others during the holiday season. We donate food, clothes, and usually toys.

  5. This is a great initiative. I’ve got some people to nominate right now!

  6. Now that my older son is understanding Christmas and all it entails, we are really focusing on giving back as a family. We donate toys and books before the holidays, participate in Operation Christmas Child, and plan to do a Secret Santa kind of thing next year!

  7. We donate food throughout the year. Always good to think of others.

  8. I think the Wish for Others idea is a great one. Our family has always been big on giving back to others. We always do things like pick angels off the tree to give to and donate to food shelters. Giving of one’s time is harder to do, but always more rewarding.

  9. Lisa Bristol

    We try to give back all year round. We donate monthly to our local food bank.

  10. It’s so important for my kids to learn to give back, and I’m thankful that there are lots of options for us to allow them to do so. Love that Capital One is helping people to do that too!

  11. Catherine A

    We help a local food bank each year. Through my work we also do an Angel Tree. It is so nice to help others especially around the holidays.

  12. There are so many great organizations to help people. I try to donate whenever I can.

  13. Pauline C.

    The best gift you could give to someone is your time. It is simply irreplaceable. All the best to everyone!

  14. Giving is so important this time of year. I do love that you mentioned time. It doesn’t have to be all about money.

  15. I agree that giving back is important. My class is working on ways to volunteer and help our community now.

  16. I can think of so many people I could make a wish for…I think this is an awesome program.

  17. I’m more prone to give during the holidays on a whim. Other times of the year my giving is pre-planned.

  18. We are in the process of weeding out old toys to donate too. Also, we have already adopted 2 children to buy for and will also be picking up a few toys for toys for tots. It’s important for my girls to understand that others are less fortunate than they are, and giving back this is a great way to make that connection.

  19. This holiday season my daughter participated in the canned food drive at her school, my other daughter collected a toy for Toys for Tots at her school and we selected a child from the Angel Tree with Salvation Army at our local mall. I try to teach my kids that it is more important to help others and give back to our community than it is to receive.

  20. Those are definitely some great wishes. We always make sure to get gifts for those in need every year

  21. Awesome campaign – so important to remember the true meaning of Christmas, and pay it forward to those less fortunate.

  22. My wish is for health and happiness for my family and everyone else. I wish for there to be more peace in the world for everyone.

  23. I really love all the giving back campaigns. Thanks for sharing them. I especially love the Capital One wants to hear about your Wish For Others campaign.

  24. I’m a huge fan of companies giving back. I’m glad to see they’re doing it. I also need to say I love the magazines in the hospital. When my husband was sick, I took some in and was able to see first hand how quickly people would take them and read them. People say it all the time but it really made me follow through after that experience.

  25. All great ways to give back during the holidays. We adopted two families this year.

  26. We are teaching our kids the importance of donating this time of year. They have really enjoyed helping others

  27. My wish is that everyone gets a warm coat. I hate the idea of people not having warm coats. So many people live with excess of what they want and others do without what they actually need.

  28. We do all 5 of these things. I think it makes us humble and makes us aware of how blessed we are to have the things we do. At a moments notice it could all be gone and we would be the one in need.

  29. Every year, the first shopping that we do is for others. I am trying my best to teach me kiddos to be active in supporting their community.

  30. These are some really great ideas! This time of year is the perfect time to teach about giving to others.

  31. This is such a great initiative, glad you are sharing it to spread the word. I am so excited and floored by the outpouring of campaigns that are about giving back this year! It is so awesome 🙂

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