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Barbie Princess Charm School DVD Party

“Please, thank you, excuse me and may I.”  All basic expressions of common courtesy that as parents we stress to incorporate into our children’s everyday vocabulary.

We hope that they’ll take their etiquette cues into a world that is constantly evolving with the advent of new technology, and even we have to remind ourselves not to text at the dinner table. That is totally me!

As parents, we can't do enough to prepare our children to be courteous and helpful.  We are always striving for creative ways to teach important lessons that will resonate with our kids and ‘stick’ with them in life.

So a few weeks ago, we hosted a very fabulous, very girly, Barbie Princess Charm School Party.

The etiquette was simple for the girls. They should:

* Smile and be polite
* Be thoughtful and caring
* Act like a lady
* Build your confidence and character

Or if they really were aspiring princesses:

Each of the 9 girls arrived and was presented with her very own tiara. Tea was served (well apple juice in teacups). Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches were eaten. Cookies and cupcakes were devoured.

We played games. We acted like the princesses that we all are and we practiced our exceptional manners. All attendees were presented with certificates at the end of the  party for completing…what else? Barbie Princess Charm School!

Make certain to check out the Barbie Princess Charm School site where your child can play royal games, earn special badges, watch fun videos & be crowned a fabulous princess!

Disclosure: This Barbie Princess Charm School DVD Party was sponsored

by the One2One Network

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