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Gift Card Mall: The Beginning of Better Gifting

Gift Card Mall: The Beginning of Better GiftingWith the holidays approaching us quickly now a really common gift or stocking stuffer to buy are gift cards! Everyone loves a good gift card right, I mean you can use them to get whatever you would like versus taking the risk of receiving you may not like or have a use for! Although gift cards are great and I think everyone enjoys them, deep down you sort of realize that they aren't very personal and it's not as fun to open up a gift card rather than a present!

That problem is completely solved if you use Gift Card Mall. Using you are able to purchase a gift card for someone all while making it a personalized present and making that person feel special!

Gift Card Mall: The Beginning of Better GiftingABOUT GIFT CARD MALL has hundreds of retailers and restaurants to choose from including Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, anything you can probably think of it! They also give you the option to completely personalize a Visa Gift Card! You can choose the amount and then actually choose a photo that you would like to go on the gift card, and even upload your own photo that they will print onto the card as well! This is a great way to give a gift card to someone you love! Found online and in over 180,000 grocery, convenience, drug & specialty retailers, Gift Card Mall carries over 400 retail branded prepaid cards.

Gift Card Mall: The Beginning of Better GiftingGIFTING JUST GOT SO MUCH EASIER

If you are feeling like just giving someone a gift card is the easy way out, think again! You can easily turn a gift card into a more elaborate gift by simply adding to it! By adding to it I mean you could come up with an adorable gift card holder to make it stand out, or even include the gift card in a themed basket! For example, you could get a basket and fill it with bath supplies such as a loofah and a towel, and then include a gift card to Bath&Body Works so that they can pick out their own scents for lotions and shower goods! Another really great example would be to fill a basket with popcorn and candy, all sorts of snacks and then include a movie theater gift card, or you could even include a Netflix gift card so that they can hang out at home and watch movies while enjoying their snacks!

See what I mean? Gift cards don't have to be such a boring and thoughtless gift! There are a ton of really awesome ideas and ways to make giving a gift card really special! pick up a gift card from Gift Card Mall at your local grocery store or online at

Gift Card Mall: The Beginning of Better GiftingGift Card MallGRAB OUR GIFT CARD PRINTABLE

We created this adorable gift card printable for you to share your gift card. Why put a gift card in a boring old envelope? Instead print this out and put your gift card on it. We used a square 8 x 8 card to print ours out and easily attached the gift card. You can punch a hole in the card and hang it on the tree.


Want to make your gift even cuter? Why not create some origami like this Origami Gift Card Envelope or Origami Card Holder.


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  1. I need to check this out. I like giving gift cards to my nephews and nieces, so they can buy the stuff they want. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Pam

    My nieces can be hard to shop for. I like to buy gift cards so they can pick out something they will actually like.

  3. I’m fixing to head on over to gift card mall and see what all they have. I’m doing my shopping from home this year and I think gift cards would be great for those on my gift list.

  4. I love gift cards, so easy and useful 😉 I have to check out this website and hope they offer a great discount .

  5. Thanks for the printables! Gift cards are my go-to choice for nieces and nephews in their teenage years, and also for friends who are hard to gift. This way it gives me peace of mind that they can get a gift they really like.

  6. That gift card is a wonderful idea, I want one for my sister 😀

  7. Thank you so much for telling me about the service as most of the gifts I get for people our gift cards I love that they present it so nicely as well. Thank you for sharing .

  8. This is a really great idea! Perfect for those last minute gifts!

  9. I absolutely LOVE gift cards!! I actually prefer buying people gifts but I love receiving gift cards for myself 😉

  10. Rosey

    I do remember when gift cards were seen as impersonal. I’m glad those days are long gone!

  11. Bonnie @wemake7

    I’ve been meaning to check this out. Sounds like a great way to get gift cards.

  12. I have never tried this company before. However, gifting gift cards always simplifies gift giving.

  13. I love getting gift cards. I like being able to go out and buy items that I want. I also love giving gift cards so people can go buy what they want.

  14. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I pretty much only buy gift cards for anyone other than my kids. They are the best way to go.

  15. Gift cards are always a good idea for the holidays. I’ll have to check out Gift Card Mall. I love the cute printable!

  16. Catherine S

    This is a great idea. I usually send my teenage nieces and nephews gift cards.

  17. Buying gifts has been extra stressful this year and I swore to my husband this will not be happening again. Next year we are doing all gift cards and letting the recipients shop to their heart’s content.

  18. I love giving and receiving gift cards! My husband bought me gifts when we were first married and some of them were quite disastrous! Now he buys me a White House Black Market gift card for every special occasion! 🙂

  19. Pam

    I have some hard to buy for family members. I always get them gift cards and they are happy.

  20. Now that my girls are older, they much prefer getting gift cards. I’ll have to get them a few from Gift Card Mall this year!

  21. The price of sending gifts has made me more comfortable with gifting cards. McD’s, BK, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart are some of my favorite places to gift. The Gift Card Mall is a lot of fun to look through. There is definitely something for everyone.

  22. A gift card is always a great way to go. Thank you for sharing about this.

  23. I’m just bought a stuff in mall and had a free gift wrap, it’s so nice and looks perfect to give.

  24. Jeanine

    Gift cards are a gift I go to when I really don’t know someone, or they are hard to buy for. I think it’s a great idea. I’ll have to check out gift card mall.

  25. I think gift cards are the perfect gift for those that are hard to buy for!

  26. I like to both give and receive gift cards. That way the person receiving them can get what they want!D

  27. I would love to get a Best Buy gift card for Christmas. They have a great selection of products.

  28. I have so many teenage nieces and nephews this year. Gift cards are definitely the way to go

  29. I end up gifting lots of gift cards over the holidays. Those cute printables will come in handy!

  30. I love to give (and get) gift cards for Christmas. I do a combination of traditional gifts and gift cards. I have a few of them in envelopes, tucked into the tree right now!

  31. Kim Croisant

    I’m absolutely giving gift cards this year. I’ve never before, but my grand kids are getting older and it’s just easier if they pick out their own gifts. Best Buy would be perfect for one of them for sure.

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