4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket SweeTARTS Candy

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket

Easter is coming and if you are anything like me, you are just getting around to figuring out that you need to make Easter baskets for your children. Or is that just me? Let's pretend it's everyone. Don't worry, we have you covered with these 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket. Spring means new beginnings and there is no better way to get creative than with Easter candy and Easter baskets. I love creating Easter baskets for each child every year because I really take the time to make certain that they fit their personalities exactly.

Nestle wants to help you hop into spring this year with some fun Easter candy that your kids will absolutely love and so do I. Creating the perfect Easter basket is a combination of not overdoing it but finding things that the recipient will love. Here are our 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket

1. Find the right candy.

Nothing is worse than a basket of Easter candy that no one wants to eat. My kids are especially fond of anything sweet & sour so SweeTARTS are the perfect thing to add to their basket. In addition, not everyone likes chocolate so I might put a few small pieces of chocolate in each basket but I stay away from those large chocolate bunnies.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket2. Keep it small.

Not every Easter basket needs to be huge and in your face. In fact, I prefer to put together smaller baskets with items I know my kids will love and use. The basket we used is the perfect size and it doesn't take a lot to fill it up.

3. Plan ahead and don't go overboard.

Remember when I just said to keep it small? This goes along with that in that I always make a list of what I am going to put in each basket. I do this because it makes it simple to shop and I don't end up with things that don't fit or I can't use. I rarely go overboard because I am such a planner.

4. It doesn't have to be all candy.

This is incredibly important to remember. I pick a couple of types of candy that I know my kids will love and then I look for other things like games, puzzles and more. I love for my Easter baskets to have a combination of candy and things that stimulate their minds.

Make our SweeTARTS Easter Basket in a few simple steps

Get these SweeTARTS Candies for Easter

SweeTARTS Soft Bites Bunnies, Sour Bunny Gummies, Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies and Soft & Chewy Ropes are the perfect, affordable complements to any springtime Easter basket because they contain no artificial flavors or colors. This means that you can feel good about giving them to your kids. I know that I do. 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter BasketThe SweeTARTS Soft Bites Bunnies have a soft texture in an adorable bunny shape with an assortment of classic flavors in a jelly gummy with a unique melt away smoothness. These Bunny-shaped limited-edition SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies are perfect for those who love a little pucker in their candy. 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter BasketIn cuter than cute shapes, SweeTARTS Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies are not only delicious but ideal for stuffing Easter eggs for a sweet reward! We put them into the Easter eggs in our basket. SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes treat candy lovers to a dazzling blend of chewy cherry, licorice-style rope with a fruit punch filling. 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter BasketWe used SweeTARTS Soft Bites Bunnies, Sour Bunny Gummies, Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies and Soft & Chewy Ropes to create the cutest, most adorable Easter basket ever and I cannot wait to surprise my kids with what I know will be there new favorite candy.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter BasketGet social with SweeTARTS

Visit the SweeTARTS Website to find your favorites

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nestlé SweeTARTS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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47 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. We are all about keeping Easter baskets small – despite seeing huge gifting at retailers. Now I want some of those sweet tarts for myself!

  2. Why have I never seen the Sweetart Soft Bunnies before? My kids would love those….and so would I! Thanks for the great basket idea!

  3. Very cute. I love the bunny ears! I would say that is a perfect easter basket

  4. Brianne

    These are great ideas! I can’t believe Easter is only two weeks away! 

  5. Filling a basket full of Nestle candy is all the Easter basket I need! And all the kids as well, that would be a huge thrill for them and all of us!

  6. Claudia Krusch

    SweetTarts are my favorite. I will have to make some baskets up for the kids this year, I am sure they will love all these.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love to make Easter baskets for the kids and my friends little ones. It is always fun to collect all the goodies to put in them. This is a great basket idea.

  8. Chrysa Duran

    These Sweet Tart products look great for an Easter Basket. I am going to have to pick some up.

  9. Since when does SweetTarts make gummies? Am I just way behind the times? Forget the kids Easter baskets. I want these for myself!

  10. Pam

    These are great tips for creating the perfect Easter basket. You definitely don’t want to go overboard.

  11. Sinisa

    Great looking basket. Thanks for the great tips. Easter is 2 weeks away.

  12. Alicia Gonzalez

     I love the idea of not going overboard.  With five kids the most practical approach for us is a nice butt modest basket.

  13. We like to keep our baskets small too. A little toy or two and a little candy is really all you need to keep the kids happy.

  14. I like the fact you state it does not have to be all candy in the basket. There are some cool little gadget toys out there that invigorate children’s minds. I like the way you mix it up!

  15. Oh what a lovely Easter Basket. I am excited about Easter arriving but my kiddos are getting older so it’s not as fun as the little kiddo days 😉

  16. Jeanine

    So great! I want to do a little less this year where the baskets are concerned so I am looking for any ideas i can do too! These are great!

  17. katrina gehman

    those are great tips. i do a few non candy items to make up for all the sugar.

  18. The perfect candy makes all the difference. My mom always used to put our baskets in those large colorful bowls that were a $1 and we loved it.

  19. While I love candy, I never wanted my Easter baskets to be all candy. I agree with you that a good balance is needed. 

  20. Rosey

    I didn’t know SweetTarts made Soft Bites. I’d like to try those for me. 😉

  21. I don’t have small children anymore and if I were to give them Easter baskets, it would be “grown up” essentials like razors, shower gel, shaving cream, deodorant, etc. I do have little grandchildren but they are still too young to appreciate Easter baskets. Maybe in a year or two, I will start making them Easter baskets too.

  22. Tracey

    What a sweet Easter basket! You have filled it with a great variety of goodies! Those Soft Bites look good!

  23. I think this is awesome. I agree that it doesn’t have to be all about the candy but it’s also nice to sneak in your child’s favorite candy in the basket. This is a pretty neat basket! Love the candies that you picked.

  24. Love the bunny ears! My kids are bigger now, but this idea to make a perfect Easter basket would be great for the little people!

  25. I’m all about a DIY Easter Basket! They are so fun to make, and you can totally create a basket that goes with the personalities of each of your children!

  26. These are cute ideas. People who celebrate the Easter Bunny will get a kick out of these ideas.

  27. I just seen a commercial for the SweetTart Ropes. I think these are some awesome tips for making a cute DIY easter basket!

  28. I know Easter baskets are traditionally for the kids, but… I really like SweeTART everything. Maybe I’ll make one for myself.

  29. This is so smart. Last year we waited until the last minute and the stores were cleared out of everything. I couldn’t believe it! We don’t go overboard at all but even a few nice toys would have been nice to find! This year we’re already set.

  30. lisalisa

    I like how cute and simple your Easter basket is, it’s been a long time since I’ve made one since my daughter has grown up. Let me say, if I made one I definitely would add some sweettarts candy… I love that brand myself! LOL

  31. I have to get busy shopping for Easter! I’m going to try and simplify it a bit though, it’s also our anniversary.

  32. Wow – there are a LOT of new Easter SweetTart offerings! We always added new toothbrushes to our kids Easter Baskets. They looked forward to them each year.

  33. What a cute idea for an Easter basket. The sweet tarts are the twins’ favorite.

  34. So true! Getting the right candy and not making it ALL about the candy! I love the bunny ears. Nice touch!

  35. These are great ideas for Easter baskets. The kids would love these for Easter Morning. Love that it’s not ALL about the candy.

  36. Kathy

    These are some wonderful tips. I try to go small for Easter baskets too. I don’t like to put to much candy in them either. I think more toys and such are way better and the kids will love it too.

  37. Awesome ideas! When it comes to Easter baskets, I go for quality over quantity. A $5 gift card will be treasured more than 5 cheap little toys or trinkets.

  38. Thanks for sharing, every year I make Easter baskets for my kids. I think of their favorite things and I shop the Target Dollar Spot. The kids like gummy candy so I always include Sweet Tarts. Chewy sweet tarts are my favorite.
    You can’t go wrong with bunny ears.

  39. Easter candy is so addicting. I love Nerd Jelly beans and SweetTarts. I haven’t seen the soft SweetTarts yet. I will have to look for it next time I head to Walmart.

  40. Such great tips! I tried to keep the candy on the down low in the kids Easter baskets. I like to give them non-candy options as well. Those bunnies sound so tasty!

  41. Ali Rost

    Great ideas for an Easter basket.  I have admit I’m always awful about overloading my kid’s baskets and forgetting to include other things besides candy!  Snickers eggs are their favorites!

  42. k

    Whoa! I love this idea. Easter is very near. Super awesome and creative.

  43. Mars

    Cute. And that is true, it doesnt have to be all candies.

  44. I normally don’t eat SweeTarts, but I’m totally onboard with the gummies! Gummies are my favorite.

  45. oh man I haven’t had sweet tarts in AGES!!! Wow that really takes me back! YES PLEASE! 🙂

  46. Those gummies look REALLY good! An easy addition to a fun Easter basket!

  47. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for the perfect Easter baskets. I always had a toy in the basket or a game for my boys when they were younger. Thanks for sharing the great tips and I love the bunny ears.

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