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Alternative Engagement Rings They’ll Love

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6 Unique and Beloved Alternatives for Engagement Rings


Shopping for an engagement ring can be just as nerve-wracking as coming up with the perfect proposal. An engagement ring isn't just a symbol of your decision to spend your lives together; it's the one piece of jewelry you'll wear for the rest of your life. While many people have always had their hearts set on a traditional white diamond engagement ring, many others want something more out of this most important piece of jewelry. If you're looking for some untraditional ideas for the perfect engagement ring, keep reading for alternative engagement ring styles for which you and your partner are sure to fall for.


Stand Out with Unconventional Engagement Ring

Birthstone Rings 


Perhaps you and your partner feel like you were born to be together. Maybe you're blending your family of children with this marriage. There are many reasons you might want to incorporate birthstones like yours or your children into the engagement ring, but one thing is for sure – birthstone rings are special.


You can still use a traditional white diamond as the center stone and flank it with other birthstones. You could opt for a “you and me” style ring set with you and your partner's stones beside each other. Work with a local jeweler to design the birthstone ring of your dreams, and you'll treasure it forever. 


Lab-Grown Stones 


Many couples want a traditional engagement ring but don't want to purchase a traditional one due to budgetary restrictions or ethical issues with earth-mined diamonds. Thankfully, there are alternatives to give a look you desire without the price tag or conflict. A lab made diamond ring is the solution for which you've been looking. In addition to the conflict-free diamond, you can get a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to carat size when you go lab-grown. The best part? Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from their Earth-mined counterparts. Go big and guilt-free!




In addition to lab-grown diamonds, other prospective ring buyers opt for a stone called Moissanite. While it looks like a diamond, Moissanite is, in fact, a naturally occurring chemical compound, but it's rare, so most Moissanite rings are, in fact, lab-created. They are second to the diamond in hardness on the MOHS scale, coming in at 9.5, whereas a diamond ranks at 10. 




For people looking for a beautiful, feminine alternative, Morganite is popular among people looking for an alternative engagement ring with a colorful twist. These beautiful stones range in shades of blush pink to peach hues. They looked especially beautiful, set in a Rose Gold ring and flanked with petite diamonds or Moissanite side stones. Morganite is an incredibly romantic and feminine choice for the girl who loves all things pink and floral. 


Salt & Pepper Diamonds 


While Salt and Pepper diamonds won't save you money compared to a traditional white diamond, they certainly make a statement! These beautiful stones are a deep milky gray with flecks of black and white throughout. Not only are they breathtaking to gaze into, but they're also sure to garner many compliments. Salt and pepper diamonds look beautiful in traditional yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. They've been gaining popularity over the last several years and seem to have some serious staying power, so it's worth jumping on the trend before everyone else!


Tattoo Rings 


The tattoo engagement or wedding band is coming back in style for those working with a serious budget or know this love is permanent. You may remember Pamela Anderson famously tattooing her wedding band in the nineties, but she wasn't the first celebrity to do so or the last! If you plan on eloping with your partner, this is a wild adventure to start the most amazing adventure of marriage together. If you two love spontaneity, try taking them to a tattoo shop, popping the question, and getting matching bands tattooed right then and there! 


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in anyone's life. Deciding to commit to someone for the rest of your days isn't anything to take lightly, so make sure you honor your commitment with a ring as unique and special as the bond you share. Use the above-mentioned alternative engagement ring ideas as a starting point to finding the perfect piece to symbolize your love. Congratulations!

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